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An Open Letter to My Readers

To each and everyone of you who visit here — most especially to those of you who comment — thank you.  Every day I look forward to your words.  There was a while, before OC, when your words were often the only kind words I received in a day.  And there were many, many days when you were the only adults I spoke to!

When you do not appear, I miss you.  If you don’t appear or post on your own blog for several days, I worry about you!  Most of you have been in my prayers at one time or another.  I may not know you in the flesh, but I count you among my friends.

However, I am not just thanking you for being wonderful people and caring friends, I am thanking you — especially those who comment on a regular basis — for making my blog a fun and friendly place to be.  Almost two years ago I told my sister, Caryl, that she needed to read the comments because that’s where all the fun is.  Just recently she started reading the comments, and she agrees.

Waaaaay back when I first started blogging, this guy named Doug was one of the first to leave me a comment.  I followed his link back to his blog and I found a community of friends sharing fun and laughter and silliness.  I wanted the same kind of community on my blog — and I got it, but I know that wasn’t by my effort, but by yours.

This is my 1000th post.  In those 1000 posts, I have received 15,622 non-spam comments.  That’s an amazing return on my investment!  I wish you’d all have been sending me money instead …. Oh! Wait.  I mean, I cherish each and every one of those comments.  Many of them were rays of sunshine on gloomy days, or pick-me-ups when I thought I was down for the count.

If it weren’t for all of you, I would have no reason to blog, so this milestone is yours, and I thank you for it, 1000 times over!


  1. Quilly ~ You are most welcome, I think of you as one of my best friends. You have been there for me and supported me on what I decided I wanted to do. You were one of my first visitors, and because of you I’ve met a lot of nice folks I don’t think I’d have met if it wasn’t for you and your blog.

    Oh, we are having a major dump of snow tonight, there must be at least six inches down already, You want to send some of that tropical weather my way, considering Friday was the first day of Spring.

  2. My Amoeba — I love you, too. :*

    Bill — I told you on my last blog, if you want the tropical weather, you come and get it. No deliveries are available. Sorry.

  3. Not by your own effort?
    I do NOT agree!
    This place is fun, and you made it that way! There is always something interesting … or challenging here for me!
    I joined your ABC challenge, that’s how I met you. Trying very hard to be part of it, I read an entire dictionary ( what did I say? I used three!) just to be able to post something worth while! I had so much fun doing that challenge, but the most rewarding thing for me was that some weeks later, (yeah, I’m slow!) I noticed you still kept visiting ME! Who, me? But you did, and you became one of my regular readers. One and a half years later, and things have not changed much. You still have me reading dictionaries, albeit different ones now….

    I love you Quilly, perhaps this sounds weird, but hey?
    Can’t wait to hug you for real!

  4. Nice of you to thank us, but it’s been a lot of fun. Besides, the visual pun is the first thing every week that makes me feel stupid. I don’t how I’d get ready for Monday without you anymore.

  5. You do Humble well! Your blog IS a fun place – but it’s cuz of YOU! Everybody wants to hang out at Quilly’s place! Congrats on 1000!!!

  6. What a right on time post this is. I haven’t been feeling the “blog love” lately and it’s good to hear these words from you. Seems there are a fair number out there who want to grumble and complain about one another. Fortunately there are many more like you that promote a positive venue for us to enjoy.

    Congratulations on 1000 posts. That is quite an accomplishment indeed.

  7. Your 1000th post? Wowee!

    Congrats on that. It is well worth coming here. I thoroughly enjoy visiting this blog, occasionally hopping over to have some debate or other with OC, popping in on your other (past) exploits…

    Your blog is one of the first and definitely one of the most welcoming I have had the pleasure to visit. I feel very comfortable here.

    And I understand what you say about your commenters because I feel the same about mine. I think I probably started blogging (and therefore visiting) after you had met OC but it was and IS just so heartwarmingly wonderful to watch the love you two have grow.

    Onwards and ever upwards. Congrats again. And many thanks for the hours of enjoyment and support YOU have shown.

  8. Should I bite my tongue … well yes! Congrats Quilly…ya know a day without Quilly is like a day with no barefeet or slippers!!! My heartiest congrats to you 🙂

  9. well, i think blogging is very much a reciprocal thing – what you give is what you get, and you have been giving a lot.
    congrats on your first 1000. keep ’em coming! i can’t imagine my days without a little quilly fix 😉

  10. Bill — well, if we gave the blue skies and sunshine away, the tourism industry would be shot, and everybody on this island really would be living in little grass shacks on the beaches.

    Jientje — I love your blog! There is always something interesting and new for me!

    SN — thanks!

    Doug — gee, making you feel stupid was another one of my goals! I’m really racking up the milestones today!

    Melli — I suppose that’s because it’s like grade school here, only with adult-sized furniture.

    Jeff — there seems to be plenty of love here today, more than enough to share. Enjoy!

    Cath — I don’t remember when you first wandered in, but you fit like you’d always been here.

    Nessa — I remember you from my humble beginnings. You would write about your boss from hell and I would write about kiddies and kitties.

    Thom — you’re new to the party but a welcome member of the family nonetheless. In looking over your blog I can see we have all had a major impact on you. I hope you’re thinking it’s for the better!

  11. A fantastic achievement Quilly, 1000 posts. I know that I come and go, but I will always return to you, not just because you come over to mine, but because I genuinely enjoy your posts.

  12. Quilly you all most certainly have. I have even talked about this with my mom and sister and am in a little quandry as to what to do. Sending you an email on the subject to get your thoughts so as not to bore everyone here 🙂

  13. Congratulations on the 1000th post! And I agree with whoever said that it sure was by your efforts- you work to make your blog such a great place to be.
    I consider you to be one of my best blog friends.

  14. Congratulations on your 1000th post! That’s really something. And to think that I’m just getting to know you. Here’s to your next 1000. 🙂

  15. Congrats on the1000 blogs. I try to get here every day because it is fun. I don’t get to blog much because I hae such a dull life so I like the challenges you give me.
    Have 1000 more at least.

  16. that’s a heck of a lot of comments. good thing I’ve been silent otherwise there would be way more… keep that camera clicking.

  17. Bazza — wow! Thanks! You are among the people I worry about when they stop posting.

    Barbara — you’ve fit right into the Ohana nicely. Welcome.

    Thom — you are making mountains out of mole hills — again!

    Cindy — we’ve been together since the start, with a few stops and new beginnings along the way. I feel much the same about you.

    Dr. John — when I grow up I want to be you.

    Cherie — come on in, pull up a chair and you’ll soon feel right at home.

    Betty — you mean life at your house is more sedate than life in Pigeon Falls? Is that a bad thing?

    Sauerkraut — speak up more often. We thought you were dead.

  18. Congratulations on making this one a very special site. I met you through Melli and your interesting blogging makes me come back for more and more!! I love the way you put in words the way I feel about fellow bloggers…A wonderful post, once again.
    Here’s to the next 1,000 posts, cheers!!!

  19. A THOUSAND!!!! Awesome! It is a fun place to visit indeed and always brings a smile to my face. Happy Blog Millenium.

  20. OK, now it’s my turn to fire Google. This just showed up in my Reader today.

    Congratulations on reaching ONE. THOUSAND. POSTS. I look forward to a thousand more.


  21. Q, you make this place fun and allow us to have fun with you. Congratulations on the 1000th goodness that is a lot.

    Happy Days 🙂

  22. how wonderful of you to let others know how wonderful they are!! You get as you give……as well you know!! You live up to and above my expectations of you!!! I love you so and want always only the best for you …I am glad your cyber friends can appreciate you and give you what you need without the ‘reach out and feel’ XOXOOXO

  23. Mar — thank you! What sweet words.

    Raven — Millennium — oh my. That does sound impressive!

    Thom — oh dear. I have made a hobby out of kicking mole hills ….

    Alastair — thank you.

    Capsun — Google Reader has done the same thing to me the last couple of days. Friday I thought no one was posting and Saturday Google said everyone posted twice, and finally offered me the Friday posts! And Google liked that whole game so much it did it over again on Sunday/Monday.

    Amber — some people would claim I talk too much. (Remember, I’ve been out here since June 2006 — 2 years and 9 months).

    Caryl — I love you, too!

  24. Quilly ~ In response to your last comment to Thom, Why would you want to kick down a Mole Hill, what did the wee critters do to you?

  25. congrats! sorry I’ve been out for a while. (if you see the tanka on my poem blog and the comment with it you’ll see why. 🙂

  26. Wow, 1,000 posts. Holy cow…that’s a lot of writing. Thank you for sharing your wit, wisdom and silliness.

  27. Wow, what a wonderful post. Congratulations on your 1000th post, Quilly. An awesome milestone… and for the 15,622 comments. I too count you among my friends and I sometimes dream of coming to Hawaii to meet you and OC… and Thom too as he’s in that neck of the woods. Now to find a way to pay for such a trip, hahaha. It will happen… I’ll put it on my image board next time I make one. I’m gonna need photos of your area to put on that board too to make it all happen. What we put our attention on grows, it happens. Tonight, on my gratitude list, I said something about how grateful I am for people coming to my blog, and how if there was no one to read there’d be no point in posting… then I come here and you’ve said something very similar. Ahhhh, great minds. :o)

  28. Congrats on post 1000! I miss posting myself, and hope to get back to it soon. I’ll probably become a better commenter before I am a better poster.

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