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Tender Loving Care

She, whingeing.  “My node id stuft.  I can’d breafe.  My hed hurds.  I hab an icky cough an I feel horbidle.”

He comes and sits on the bed beside her, puts his hand on her forehead, then stuffs a thermomenter in her mouth.  “Shhhh…” he says.

She removes the thermometer, coughs and complains, “I cand breafe.”

“I know,” he says gently.  “Only one minute.”  He puts the thermometer back in her mouth.

She valiantly tries to hold her breath.

Too much time has passed.  She has to breathe.  She has to. But she’s good and doesn’t.  He frowns, reaches over and plucks the thermometer from her mouth.

She gasps for air and coughs.  “Hayb,” she says when she’s able. “Wide ju do dat?  It di’n’t beep yed, and I was hodden my breafs.”

“I know it didn’t beep,” he answers.  “I forgot to turn it on.”

“Ju forgod?!”

He pokes the thermometer back in her mouth.  “Hush!  It’s on now –,” he says, “–I think.”


  1. Now I know how to keep you from talking…it’s all in a turned off thermometer. WOOT. Good job OC. Hat’s off to ya buddy 🙂 Oh yeah Q….I do hope you are feeling better…but until you are…jsut keep forked tongue in mouth and listen to OC 🙂 ROFLMAO

    Thom’s last blog post..An Award – WOOT!!!

    1. Thom – It’s like watching Desi and Lucy (Did you ever hear OC says things like Desi, we all know Quilly is the Carbon Copy of Lucy. 😉

      1. Bill — Amoeba has flawless diction and he never yells. He most certainly isn’t Desi. Sorry. We are a bit more Dick Van Dyke & Mary Tyler Moore.

        1. You might not be after I finish ….

          (Actually, you seem to be the only one who got my implication that Amoeba was trying to shut me up!)

  2. Oh goodness… it’s times like these ya wonder who’s taking care of who?! LOL! I truly DO hope you are feeling better soon dear Quil… taking pictures is EVER so much more fun than moaning and whining…

    Melli’s last blog post..NIcole B’s Scavenger Hunt

  3. Hopefully you’ll be feeling a little better by the time you read this. I don’t understand why people use thermometers, I find I can usually tell when I’m feeling poorly.

    Bazza’s last blog post..Pond Life

    1. Bazza — I don’t believe the point of taking my temperature was to ascertain whether or not I was sick, but for Amoeba to get some idea of how sick I was — or just to shut me up.

  4. Oh darlin, I’m so sorry you feel lousy. Seems to be going around my neck of the woods too…so far so good…I’ve sidestepped the yucks. I like the MTM and Dick Van Dyke gig in your comment to Bill, your conversations with OC are good sitcom stuff.
    Hope you feel better soon.

    Shelly’s last blog post..Crazy Recycle Lady

  5. Oh darlin, I’m so sorry you feel lousy. Seems to be going around my neck of the woods too…so far so good…I’ve sidestepped the yucks. I like the MTM and Dick Van Dyke gig in your comment to Bill, your conversations with OC are good sitcom stuff.
    Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Amoeba doesn’t trust this “newfangled” thermometer, but it was the only kind they had at our local drug store!

  6. My hubby doesn’t really know how to deal with a real thermometer, either. When I had the real flu back in the winter of ’83 he was bumfuzzled, too. I remember telling him to “,,,just shake it down to 106 and it will be ok. Around here I have to get well or die. So far I’ve managed to get well, but now I have one of those nifty keen thermometers that go in your ear….it is great! It lets you know in a nano sec how deathly ill you are or not. I had thought it wasn’t very accurate for the longest time, but when I found out I had rhuematoid arthritis and when you do you run fever a lot….like for the past 4 or 5 years. Poor thermometer has had aspersions cast upon it from my daughter who swore it was no good. I would check my temp with another thermometer and it would be the same.

    Anyway after all that, I do hope you feel much better soon. Does He, your old man, know how to make chicken soup? It is a winner, too. If not the real deal made from scratch chicken soup…well, the Lipton dry chicken soup broth with noodles is ok. We call it Magic Soup for it cures almost everything from hangovers to flu. I’m just givin’ you a heads up….and what I’d do for you, if I was there. We always have Magic Soup around for emergencies. The stuff with the chicken bits isn’t as good. IMHO

    amberstar’s last blog post..Breaking News…something else to make me go hmmm

    1. Amber — Amoeba gets the regular thermometer. It is the electronic ones that he can’t work. And did you look at my weather girl? No soup! It is 91 degrees here with 43.7% humidity. Way too hot for soup.

  7. We had one of those thermometers. It never worked. Give me the old kind any day.
    Give the guy credit he was there for you.

    Dr. John’s last blog post..Pentecost

    1. Dr. John — I suspect he was there with the thermometer to 1.) get just a minutes worth of quiet, and 2.) convince me I wasn’t really dying, no matter how badly my head ached.

    1. Cherie — if kisses worked, Amoeba would have had me mended before I got sick! But thanks for braving my germs!

  8. Hi Quilly,
    “although the sink may disagree”- hahaha
    Yes, those broken appliances do talk to each other. Glad your washer is fixed!
    (’tis also nice to see your photo! You look as friendly as I imagined you.)
    You’ve also made this blog even spiffier since my hiatus. It looks great!

  9. I commented in the wrong place on last post. Sorry!
    Your hubby is a gem. Continue to rest and get better and take it easy and slow. (I’m the worst at following my own advice. Spring came here and I was hit with what felt like the flu but turned out to be bronchitis ++….I don’t get sick often and am about to return to dr. in a few hours for a 2nd round of antibiotics. I feel MUCH better but there’s still infectious “stuff” w/out getting too graphic here and oh am I drained. I hope you kick this bug more quickly and thoroughly than me.

    1. I don’t care where you comment — just comment! And bronchitis used to be a twice yearly thing for me when I lived in Vegas, but I’ve not had it once since we’ve been here — yay! (And knock on wood!)

      I’m glad you like my new look. I had a heck of a time getting it the way I like it, but I am content now — for awhile! LOL!

  10. About time you learned the local pidgin, brudda.

    I was told to expect Punny Monday. Where is Punny Monday?

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