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What Will They Think of Next?!

Breaking news:

Would you believe, Twitter, the online social messaging service (read that “self-promotion service”) will soon be tweeting paid advertising?   Yep, Twitter is joining the “pay you to blog” platforms and soon there will be $weet Tweet$ all over the net.  No longer will business people have to tweet their own horn, they can pay other twits to do it for them!

$weet Tweet$ (my name, not theirs) hasn’t launched yet, but Izea is accepting early sign-ups.  If you apply now you can get in on the ground floor and start earning money for your tweets from day one.  I personally think this move is going to finally give Twitter some real value because right now,  for the most part, I don’t really think anybody is so important I need to know where they are or what they’re doing 24/7.  Heck, I can’t even keep track of me that long!

You may have heard of Izea before.  They are the folks who brought you, Pay Per Post.  There’s something new going on there, too.  Pay Per Post v4.0 alpha has eliminated the red tape.  You no longer have to wait for your blog to be approved.  You sign up, create your profile, set your own price and wait for the advertizers to call you!  It’s as easy as that!  Go on over to Pay Per Post and check it out!  Tell them I sent you!  (You can do that by clicking the link.)

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  1. I think you kinda miss the point of Twitter, but that’s ok because you get the same sense of community through your blog and comments.

    I gather this is the first of your paid posts?

  2. Mumma — Twitter is all about self promotion. So is blogging. It is just that Twitter makes the egocentrism a bit more obvious. You don’t really think those people that have several hundred to thousands of followers actually FOLLOW them, do you? Pft.

    1. Doug — of course. Wouldn’t it be much easier if businesses just contacted bloggers direct? But how to find them and who to contact …. hmmmm….

      And how would bloggers go about attracting businesses to their blogs — step in the intermediate willing to do both of those things, for a cut ….

  3. This gives ME all the more reason I need to STAY AWAY from Twitter! I have an account (I think I signed up when you got yours) that I have used exactly ONCE. And I don’t even remember how to get into it! LOL! Nor do I feel I have a need to….
    .-= Melli´s last blog ..Catchin’ Up… =-.

    1. Melli — I have just found a use for my Twitter account. I just used it to tweet about the change coming to Twitter and drive traffic to my post. If that worked well, I may be less snarky about the service in the future. 😉

    1. Thom — I wondered how you would respond to this post. Pretty mild, I think! I wonder why I haven’t heard from Capsun?

  4. I used plurk for a while and we really had a good group together, but then the same think like on twitter started. Everyone just posted their stuff and nobody read it.
    I have the tweet button up on my blog and that’s pretty much how much I use twitter.
    From time to time someone decent really finds me and even leaves me comments and such, but that’s rare.

    I will def. check both out.
    Thanks for the heads up 🙂
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..Nuthatch, Kleiber, Sitta europaea =-.

    1. I think I signed up for Plurk. I think I may have used it twice. I have done a bit more with Twitter, but not really too much more.

  5. I mostly don’t “get” Twitter (though I did click the link). I think that I’m using it in the way it was originally intended. I thought with going away to school, it would be a good way for friends and family to be able to keep tabs on me when I didn’t have the ability to connect with them all individually. I’ve been practicing for the past few months, so that I’ll be ready for D-day. 😉

    So, my objective is not to have a gazillion followers. And it’s not for self-promotion and marketing. That seems to be what Twitter has developed into. I have no objection to it, but it’s overwhelming to me, so I’ll keep tootling along. 🙂
    .-= Cherie´s last blog ..Saturday 9: Fast Car =-.

    1. Cherie — I think Twitter can be a good tool and I am certain that there are people like you using it as such, but there for a huge contingency I think Twitter is just an extension of the high school popularity contest.

      1. Perhaps that’s why I have no problem with Twitter. I stayed out of the whole high school popularity thing too. I’m not involved in any kind of “follower grab” and am just following people I find interesting. My husband and I have become part of a small community in our new city, which has made unemployment much more bearable.

        1. Mumma — yeah, and I didn’t have the community. I tweet, nobody listens. It is a cold lonely place if you don’t go with your own friends and won’t play the popularity games.

  6. Dr. John — they were paid posts on paid posting — and I don’t want people clicking the links if they aren’t truly interested in the subject matter. Don’t worry, you won’t suffer for my normal posts — any more than you have already been lately.

  7. Plus they started with “venture capital” and the financial world has been wondering what they would do when the “capital” ran out.Would thy charge people? Or would they get ads? Guess we shall see. If I could make money on it I would. I have adsense on my blog but I can not even by a 99ct taco with it. Yeah I’m really raking in the cash…
    .-= Jill´s last blog ..Just Try to Build an Ark Today, Noah =-.

    1. Jill — they charge the advertisers and take a cut for themselves. That’s how the middle man has always gotten paid.

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