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Blogging For Dollar$ — Part Two

Tweeting For Dollar$

This post is going to be short and sweet.  Sponsored Tweets are brand new and unproven.  I have made a few.  Most of the hits I’ve gotten from them — except for the Hot Stock Picks! and Typically Swiss Hotels — have come back invalid.  I haven’t checked, but I imagine that several of the people who clicked on my sponsored Tweets were surprised that the link didn’t take them somewhere either entertaining or informative.  Judging by the media response, the idea hasn’t been very well received.

If an advertiser has a social media product, or a blogger wants to make some buzz about his or her blog, I could see the Tweet market accepting the advertising, but in general, I don’t think “buy product XYZ for whiter teeth” is going to get much attention in 148 characters or less.  For myself, I doubt I will use this feature much.  With only those 148 characters available to make or break one’s credibility, a few badly received Tweets could leave one without anyone to Twitter with.

Maybe instead I’ll try to Make Money online with eBay.

Blogging For Dollar$ — Part One

$parking For Dollar$ — Part Three, coming soon.  Stay tuned!

This was a paid post.  The links were removed on 10.12.09