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Blogging for Dollar$ — Part Three

$parking For Dollar$ Social Spark, like PayPerPost is part of Izea, a social marketing company making it’s presence felt all over the web.  So far, Social Spark is my favorite of the Izea platforms I have tried. Social Spark has a multitude of earning platforms to choose from.  If you [...]

Blogging For Dollar$ — Part Two

Tweeting For Dollar$ This post is going to be short and sweet.  Sponsored Tweets are brand new and unproven.  I have made a few.  Most of the hits I’ve gotten from them — except for the Hot Stock Picks! and Typically Swiss Hotels — have come back invalid.  I haven’t checked, [...]

Blogging For Dollar$ — Part One

So, it’s been two weeks (13 days) since I signed on to paid blogging.  Am I rich yet? No.  However … My very first Sponsored Conversation (that’s what the advertisers call the posts they pay for when they Advertise On Blogs) was about PayPerPost v4.0 (PPP), so you’d all know [...]