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Company’s Coming!

Whew! I just finished mucking out the junk room and converting it to a guest bedroom — and in the nick of time. We have company coming and she should be here about noon. Our house guest is a graduate student who participated in Amoeba’s oceanography class this summer in Friday Harbor, WA. She is moving to Hawaii and will be working at Coconut Island (once known as Gilligan’s Island).

Exploring the rental housing market here in Hawaii is a scary thing. Ads do not say what they mean or mean what they say. An ad might be accompanied by a picture of a brand new apartment — said picture being taken 32 years ago and all original paint, carpeting and appliances still in place 84 renters later …. Folks here take this stuff for granted and know the ads aren’t to be trusted. New arrivals learn that lesson the hard way. That’s why, when our soon to be arriving graduate student mentioned (while we were still in Friday Harbor) that she was searching for an apartment online, we invited her to come and stay with us so she can look at what she’s getting before she puts her money down!

So, I’m busy again! I’ll be by when I can!


      1. I concur with Thom, this is very nice of you and the Amoeba to let her stay with you both and help her find a new place to call home.
        .-= Bill´s last blog ..I Got My Run =-.

    1. Doug — I got distracted while writing this post (by door-to-door religion peddlers) — and forgot to put in the last two sentences before I posted. I was explaining why I was gone, not seeking praise!

  1. I love that, all place seem to have that when you search on-line. You never know how old the picture really is. Thanks again for the Matthew reference, even if it wasn’t the one you meant.
    .-= Family Man´s last blog ..Who Knows? =-.

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