Planning for a Dazzling Day

My friend Lisa of Lisa Bolton Arts, is, as I type this, boarding the ferry that will bring her across the Sound to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.  Amoeba and I are going out to play today.  Don’t expect us back until evening.  Why don’t all of you go out and have fun as well?

The sun is coming out and it looks like it is going to me a dazzling day in the PNW.  All the better for charming our visitor.  However, I forgot to order wholesale sunglasses and I still haven’t found a pair on this island anywhere, so after a day of squinting at the sun, I may very well NOT be back this evening.

Somebody remind me to order sunglasses as soon as I get back in.  You’d think the migraines themselves would make it unnecessary for me to need an external reminder, wouldn’t you? Apparently that isn’t so.

Oh, and after I get my new sunglasses — which WILL NOT have a unisex design, remind me not to allow Mr. I’ve-Just-Lost-My-100th-Pair-of-Sunglasses to borrow the dang things.

She: Honey, you borrowed my sunglasses yesterday where are they?
He: Uhmmmmm….
She: You’ve lost my sunglasses, too, haven’t you?
He: Uhmmmmm….
She: I can’t believe you lost my sunglasses in just one day!
He: I didn’t lose them. I put them down somewhere and now I can’t find them.

The Visitor

She came with a bright pink suitcase and an iPod.  She forced me to listen to her music — some of which I actually liked.  She picked up/touched/played with anything that caught her eye.  She questioned everything, gave me instructions on how to drive, and even presumed to tell me how I was thinking and feeling.  She watched the same movie twice, and one particular scene in that movie at least 20 times.  She took over 500 pictures (and used up 2 sets of batteries) with my little Cannon A560.  Most of the pictures were of me doing something embarrassing.

She left with a bright pink suitcase and an iPod.  I am sitting here in my very, very quiet and peaceful house — wondering why it is that I miss her.

Company’s Coming!

Whew! I just finished mucking out the junk room and converting it to a guest bedroom — and in the nick of time. We have company coming and she should be here about noon. Our house guest is a graduate student who participated in Amoeba’s oceanography class this summer in Friday Harbor, WA. She is moving to Hawaii and will be working at Coconut Island (once known as Gilligan’s Island).

Exploring the rental housing market here in Hawaii is a scary thing. Ads do not say what they mean or mean what they say. An ad might be accompanied by a picture of a brand new apartment — said picture being taken 32 years ago and all original paint, carpeting and appliances still in place 84 renters later …. Folks here take this stuff for granted and know the ads aren’t to be trusted. New arrivals learn that lesson the hard way. That’s why, when our soon to be arriving graduate student mentioned (while we were still in Friday Harbor) that she was searching for an apartment online, we invited her to come and stay with us so she can look at what she’s getting before she puts her money down!

So, I’m busy again! I’ll be by when I can!