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The Merman Needs a Watch

mermanMost of you know my merman, Amoeba.  And you know that he loves his seaweed.  One of his favorite pastimes is donning his goggles and snorkel and hanging out on the reef examining the slimy stuff.   In fact, the last time he went out, he followed the reef so far I could no longer see him.  I waited and waited and wondered if I should worry.  Then I waited and waited some more and I didn’t have to wonder if I should worry because I already was worrying!  Then I waited some more.

Finally Thom came and asked me where Amoeba was, and mentioned that he thought he’d been gone a long time.   I told Thom I was worried, too, and he went looking for Amoeba.  Luckily he found him alive and well, with no concept of how much time had passed.  He was quite surprised to learn we were worried about him.

That’s why I want to get Amoeba a Seiko Dive watch.  All Seiko Dive watches are tested to 200 meters, come with free band sizing, and ship free! If I got Amoeba a Seiko Dive watch with luminous hands and an excursion timer, he could set it to remind him he left me worrying on the beach!

Seiko SLT109P2Amoeba would especially love this one. It calculates distance traveled, has a compass and a perpetual calender and can show the time in two different time zones at once!  I would love it because Amoeba wouldn’t have any excuse to make me worry!  I especially deserve for Amoeba to have this watch, don’t you think?


  1. I think you deserve to have Amoeba to have that watch as well. I hope you get your well deserved job soon so as you can get the watch. It was good Thom showed up so as to go and find the Amoeba.
    .-= Bill´s last blog ..I Got My Run =-.

  2. Sometimes when you get wrapped up in things, time passes so quickly you have no idea. I can imagine exploring the underwaterworld takes away every sense of time or place.
    He NEEDS that watch Quilly, just as much as you need it to not have to worry over him!
    .-= Jientje´s last blog ..Thematic Photography "Abandoned" =-.

    1. Lisa — you have no idea! He was gone so long I thought he’d swum to the mainland! But actually his work requires him to keep time in two different places and he doesn’t have to wear the watch only in the water!

    1. Gigi — that thought had crossed my mind, but the watch will likely keep him alive longer. You see, he won’t be frustrating me to the point that I’m the one who drowns him! 😉

  3. ABSOLUTELY! I especially think it’s important for him to have that time in two time zones feature — cuz you never KNOW when he might be swimming in TWO time zones at once…. However… I’m not sure that having the watch will bring him back sooner… but it MIGHT. Depends HOW interesting the seaweed IS…
    .-= Melli´s last blog ..Thematic Photographic – Abandoned =-.

    1. Alelamalu — well, according to some of our helpful friends — above — it will just give me different things to worry about!

  4. Oh yes, that is a lovely watch with many features! Every person who snorkles or dives should own one! It would make a nice gift for you and for him. Shhhh! I won’t tell Amoeba that you will be buying him one! BTW, I tend to buy my hubby gifts all the time that benefit me!
    .-= Church Lady´s last blog ..You Canoe? =-.

    1. Church Lady, well, really, husbands are always asking wives to be sensible about spending money — what is more sensible than buying a gift that benefits the giver as much as the receiver? They should be proud of us, yes?

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