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The Visitor

She came with a bright pink suitcase and an iPod.  She forced me to listen to her music — some of which I actually liked.  She picked up/touched/played with anything that caught her eye.  She questioned everything, gave me instructions on how to drive, and even presumed to tell me how I was thinking and feeling.  She watched the same movie twice, and one particular scene in that movie at least 20 times.  She took over 500 pictures (and used up 2 sets of batteries) with my little Cannon A560.  Most of the pictures were of me doing something embarrassing.

She left with a bright pink suitcase and an iPod.  I am sitting here in my very, very quiet and peaceful house — wondering why it is that I miss her.


  1. who was that that came and where are the pictures???? I am wanting quite badly to see them!!!!!! Sorry I will miss the Puny Monday……am too tired at1:30 to stay up any longer…….maybe next time. Much love…. XOXOOXOXO C

  2. Caryl — read two posts down, Odds-n-Loose Ends — and you’ll know who my guest was. And NO, I am not showing you her photos. Pft.

    1. Jientje — actually she was pretty well behaved. I never had to scold her, or ask her to do something twice. She gave me no arguments about bedtime and was very good with please and thank you. She was a pleasant house guest and I would let her return.

        1. Jientje — except when she insisted taking photos of me when I was trying to eat. She would not listen to “stop” then until I suggested she return the camera to me, but by then she was happy to comply and the worst photos were taken. In one you can see my tonsils!

          No, I will NOT share it.

  3. There is something about children of any age that creates such mixed emotions. 🙂 Sounds like she had a great time, and I hope she can come again.

    Many of the pictures my kids first took were of me at my most unflattering.
    .-= Barbara H.´s last blog ..O Jesus, Thou art standing =-.

    1. Melli — as we were waiting outside the store where mommy works last night so we could return Girl-Child; Girl-Child and I got into a fit of giggles and Amoeba started with his puns until we were all giggling hysterically. It was just too funny!

  4. I just feel the same when a 2 m (6.6ft) long man is for one weekend in our home. It’s like a thunderstorm going through the house. The phone rings the door bell rings the house is full my fridge empty and I exhausted. And I too miss something !
    .-= Gattina´s last blog .. =-.

    1. Gattina — ah, but that is the special magic of your own child. You will still think it’s wonderful when he’s home when he’s 60!

  5. Kids of any age are at the same time, both wonderfully warm and agonisingly annoying. Their little feet stomp all over your heart in more ways than one.

  6. I want to see these pictures of you doing embarrassing things, as well. At first I had to laugh at the fact there are THAT many of them, but then… well… it’s the nature of our family. 🙂
    .-= Brooke´s last blog ..I’m a mac fan! =-.

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