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  1. AAAUUUGH!! This dial-up is driving me nuts—first I miss Thom on television, then Bill on Youtube, and now I can’t hear you. *grumblemumble* I’ve got to get out of here… meanwhile, have jotted down the link to return to it a future day. It sounds like you had fun, from your description!

    1. Oh dear. Maybe we should ransom you from Ireland. Put up a PayPal button, quick!

      Oh! And when the entire story is read from beginning to end, Doug will load it all onto CDs and pass them out to all his readers. If I were you, I’d start hanging out at Doug’s and maybe even get on his reader’s list!

      1. Aaaawww, I’m loving Doug. Will definitely hang out at his, if he’s a friend of yours! And I can’t wait to hear the story.

        Yes, get me out of here! *slaps forehead* a Paypal button, why didn’t I think of that? It certainly couldn’t hurt LOL.

    1. Well, Doug, this is your longest story yet! And the most specific address I have for Susan is Ireland, but she’ll probably help us fix that. 😉

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