Feast Your Ears on This!

Turn up the volume on your computer, adjust your earphones, and get a fork.  Yep, a fork.  You are about to be treated to a heaping helping of prime cut ham.  This ham isn’t Virginia Baked, it’s from Maine via Massachusetts and only half-baked, but it is served with a generous Idaho spud and is quite savory.

In other words: Amoeba O’Ceallaigh (Maine) and I (Idaho) are the guest readers this week at Waking Ambrose.  We are reading, The Reformation of Wolfshausen, Tiel Sebien.  Come on over, give us a listen, and lend your support.  If you decide to toss things at us, money is preferable to fruits and vegetables, but we will accept the later if they are fresh and unblemished.   (Please don’t forget to leave a comment.)

And if you find this reading so much to your liking that you just have to have more:

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