Orchid Delight

Ruby Orchid

Red Vein Orchid

Pink Throat Orchid

I took these photos in the Orchid House at Foster Botanical Garden. Most of the orchids were not labeled and so I do not know the names of these lovely beauties. Amoeba could tell us the types — if he wasn’t busy struggling with yet another critical report deadline — but there are so many Orchid hybrids that looking up the names would be incredibly time consuming. So, if you think you know one of these, please share the name with us!

And hey, as long as you’re here — what is your favorite flower? Despite all the photos I take of orchids, my favorite flowers are Daisies. I never met a Daisy I didn’t like.

Weekend Reflections

James at Newtown Area Photo has a meme called Weekend Reflections. Many of you are playing, and I decided to join you.  Even if you aren’t playing, be sure to visit James.  He takes incredible photos.

Gazing Ball

I took this photo at Foster Botanical Garden. This feature is very close to the entrance of the garden. Behind me you can see the rest area building and patio, which is kind of sad because it blocks the view to the Lyon Orchid Garden.  FBG is a 13.5 acre garden in the heart of Honolulu.  With the freeway on one side and a very busy major boulevard on the other, it is an oasis of peace surrounded by concrete towers and everyday busy-ness.


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Spice It Up

Nutmeg Flower

This beauty is a Nutmeg Flower. There are many different varieties of nutmeg. This one hails from Jamacia. The nuts and seed hulls from this plant can be ground and used as a spice, though according to internet sources,  it is inferior to the Spice Islands nutmeg.

There were few flowers on the tree, but plenty of black, withered leaves.  Further inspection revealed that the black “leaves” didn’t resemble the green leaves.  that’s when it dawned on me that the tree was covered in dead flowers!  Inside that withered black shell, a nutmeg fruit is forming.  Maybe when Jientje is here, we can go back to the garden and there will be fruit on the tree.

UPDATE: My Amoeba looked at this post and told me there likely won’t be any fruit on the tree when Jientje gets here. He says the flowers are all black and dried up because they were never pollinated. This tree is pollinated by a specific beetle, and that beetle doesn’t live in Hawaii.

The Beauty of Hawaii

What do you see in life? Every week, Gypsy Lala invites us to share the beauty in our lives.

Orchid Sunshine

I do not know the name of this orchid. I call it Sunshine. It is a bright and dazzling beauty, isn’t it? I chose to share it as an example of the exotic beauty of Hawaii. Flowers love these islands, and these islands love flowers.


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The Golden Plant

This is  Blanchett’s Bromeliad (Aechmea blanchietina).  Had I named it, I would have called it the fire plant.  Don’t those colors remind you of fire?

Fire Plant

I also came across this beauty in Foster’s Botanical Garden. The garden is a 160 acre preserve of beautiful, rare and endangered plants from tropical regions around the word.  Blanchett’s Bromeliad, also known as The Golden Plant, is native to Australia.