Mmmmm Fresh Coffee Beans

Robin asked me to share my coffee tree photos. I am afraid this will be a disappointment.  I didn’t photograph the whole tree, only the beans.

Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans

Our neighbor lady hails from Kona, Hawaii, which is on Hawaii Island (otherwise known as The Big Island, to keep from confusing mainland folks). One of the things Kona is known for is its coffee beans.   When she moved here (to Oahu island) many years ago our neighbor brought coffee seeds with her and planted a Kona Coffee tree in her front yard.  The other day she and our neighbor across the street were out harvesting the ripe red berries, so I went to see.  (Can you say, “nosy neighbor”?)

Now, technically, since the coffee tree is on Oahu, it can’t be called Kona coffee.  And, since the weather conditions here are very different from the weather conditions in Kona, chances are good the roasted and ground coffee beans don’t taste exactly the same.  However, if you’ve priced coffee lately and you like drinking the stuff, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind having a coffee tree in your yard.

Hawaii is the largest island.
Oahu is the most populated island.

27 thoughts on “Mmmmm Fresh Coffee Beans

    • Susan — can you say mail order? But by all means, move to the USA. Washington State would be nice. West of the Cascades would be wonderful. San Juan Island would be perfect. 😉

  1. I have had Kona Coffee before! My neighbors brought some back to me from Hawaii when they visited. It was good! But… to me almost any coffee is good. I’m not a coffee snob. Unless it’s bitter — then I get REALLY snobby! LOL! Those beans look like GRAPES though! I think I like them better after they are roasted… Does it SMELL like coffee on the tree? WHY in the WORLD didn’t you photograph the whole tree?

  2. I am a bit of a coffee snob – and I love Kona!
    Do your neighbours roast their coffee beans?
    Thanks for showing the pictures of the beans – i expected them to be a bit greener and more ‘nut’ looking.

    • VioletSky — the neighbor across the street told me he roasts them and drinks them. I don’t know about the neighbor next-door — the one whose tree this actually is — because after they finished picking she gave her berries to the across the street neighbor, too. Maybe he roasts them all at once and shares? I didn’t ask.

    • Kay — don’t hold your camera out at arm’s length. Brace it against something. I actually use my view finder (I have to with my camera) and brace the camera against my face.

    • Linda — coffee “bean” is a misnomer. These are the fruits of the coffee plant, and coffee is made from the roasted seeds of the fruit.

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