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Swimsuit Shopping

I need a new swimsuit.  The one I have ceased being stretchy about a millennium ago.   The parts that are supposed to hold me up, and the parts that are supposed to hold me in, have decided to let it all hang out.  In case you are wondering, no, that is not attractive.


So, I find this swimwear for women website online, SwimSuitsForAll.Com, and I am really excited.  They advertise women’s swimsuits in sizes  8-32.  I grabbed my PayPal card and went to the site.  I was thrilled to discover they have great swimsuits — all the known designers — at great prices.  Plus, they have maternity swimsuits and post mastectomy swimsuits.  Not only that, the site is designed to be amazingly easy to search.  You want a swimsuit that trims your thighs?  Or maybe one that slims your waist, or tucks your tummy?  Push the corresponding button and every swimsuit that fits your criteria will arrange itself on the page for you.


I was super excited to find I could search by size.  I just chose my size from the drop-down menu, pushed the button and … was incredibly disappointed.  If you wear size 8-24, you’ll definitely want to shop here, but for us larger-sized ladies, they offer only one swimsuit — and that one only comes in size 32, which is waaaay too large for me — and is horrendously ugly (my opinion).   Maybe their stock is just down because it is end-of-the-season.  I don’t know — but I am sad.  I need a new swimsuit.


  1. Quilly – I would be reluctant to purchase a swim suit online. Even in a department store, I find myself trying on dozens of swim suits and they all fit so differently. Swimsuit shopping is a chore to me and I have not purchased one in about 2 years!

  2. I HATE looking for swim suits. I’m thinking a tankini would hide what needs to be hidden very well but I just can’t seem to find the style I like. Sheesh!

    On the other hand, we took our guests to Sears in September because she needed a bathing suit that would be easy to put on because she had severe arthritis and needed to exercise. Her daughter had bought her one on line but it didn’t fit right. Wouldn’t you know it, there was one at Sears (Ala Moana) on sale. I think it was something like $60.00 down to $15.00. Well, my friend Shirley happened to have an inactive Sears charge card. By opening it up again, they gave her a $15.00 credit. She got the suit for free! Sheesh! Why can’t that happen for me?

  3. I haaaaaaaaaate shopping for swimsuits — but would NEVER buy one without trying it on anyway… there is just way to much of me to try to stuff into something that is not CUT right no matter how cute it looks on the hanger!

    1. I always buy full-cut swimsuits with matching shorts and I never have that problem. I remember my stop-mom once bought a swimsuit that revealed waaaay too much butt & hip. I believe she may have actually had the first non-showbiz G-string. She was fat, 50, and mortified. She wore the nice top and her shorts swimming.

  4. Ew…shopping for swimsuits makes me cranky, don’t think I could shop online though…gotta try the dang things on and they rarely fit …I think I just got cranky thinking about trying on swimsuits ( giggling).

  5. I once bought a swimsuit online. Usually I wear size 42, it was far too large, I had to send it back for a size 40 and that was OK. But it took time and I decided not to do it anymore. Now I buy my bathsuits on the Brussels’ midi market for 5 $ and it’s even very good quality and sometimes even good brand marks. At that price I can wear everyday another suit on holidays ! This is Madame Chic, coming, lol ! Now don’t ask me where these suits are coming from they probably “fell” off a truck !

  6. I was getting really excited while reading ´cause i need one too, and then the disappointment on that last paragraph! 🙁 Too bad. Let me know if you find something else!

  7. I bought two new swimsuits recently for my upcoming cruise in January – both of which I need to slim into! It’s a good incentive to lose the weight. 🙂

  8. I bought two new swimsuits recently for my upcoming cruise in January – both of which I need to slim into! It’s a good incentive to lose the weight. 🙂

  9. Polona said my comment ROFL. I’d need a stack of Valium to get through it. I never liked swimming, but I really don’t like swimsuits; I just feel sooo exposed and strange in one.

    So if I needed one—like that hydrotherapy term I had to go through last spring — I’d definitely prefer shopping online.

      1. The force of the ocean scares me too, when I’m in it. I prefer to admire her stunning beauty from a distance. It sounds like a great website to get a swimsuit.

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