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Random Dozen & A Silly Haiku

random dozen

It’s that time again! Lidna over at 2nd Cup of Coffee has come up with 12 more questions. I just love her memes. They make me think!

1. It’s early morning, about 2:00AM, and you’re driving home. You come to a red light and sit there. There is no one in sight for miles around. Do you wait it out or run the light?
I wait. If I were to run the light a cop would materialize right there on the street corner and give me a mega ticket. I never get away with breaking the rules so I don’t even try anymore.

2. If you had the chance to re-do the last 24 hours, would you change anything?

3. When you reply to someone’s comment on your blog, do you reply in your comments or go to her blog and comment? (Or email her)
First off, I reply to the guys, too. Generally I reply on my blog. The other person’s comments should be about his/her posts, not about mine. Occasionally I send an email. It depends on the nature of the question.

4. Your favorite Disney movie is:
The wonderful, multicultural, Cinderella. AND, Pirates of the Caribbean (1st).

5. Do you recycle?

6. Games of strategy or games of chance?
Neither. Word games.

7. Do you have any recurring dreams?
Not anymore. Hooray!

8. What did you learn from your first real job?
I was fired. From that I learned that starting time wasn’t a suggestion, it was an expectation. I got my act together after that and have never again been fired.

9. Do you buy or borrow most books?
Buy. I do not care to return them if I like them.

10. What fashion trend of the past did you say you’d never wear again but did?
Hair: Bangs. Shoes: High heels. Clothing: wide legged pants.

11. When do you start Christmas shopping?
We don’t mega shop. Last year I gave Amoeba a leather belt. He gave me a hardback novel I’d been wanting. Christmas isn’t about presents and we refuse to participate in the madness.

12. Have you ever been so happy that you literally jumped up and down for a few seconds? If so, what was the occasion?
Not too long after my divorce, I purchased a car at a police auction. When the auctioneer said, “Going, going, Gone!” and brought that gavel down, I hopped across the lot to pay for my prize.


Silly Haiku Wednesday

Jenn from, You Know … that blog?, hosts Silly Haiku Wednesday.
This week’s theme is: Water

Join the fun!

Sunlight on the waves
as the ocean rolls to shore
warms my heart and soul.



  1. I can TOTALLY see you jumping up and down, but only for really meaningful things like your first taste of success after a divorce!

    Multi-cultural Cinderella? Did I miss something? And Pirates — I didn’t even think about it being a Disney — wow, I guess Disney is into everything! But we knew that, right?

    Nice Christmas tradition. We sort of resent the “it’s Christmas so you have to buy a present” thing too…but we still have kids at home so we try to balance.

    1. Betty — I was a “gopher” in a print shop. I fetched and carried and delivered as needed and was blithely unaware that if I didn’t do my job, no one else could do theirs!

  2. I liked your answers and concur with #3, I reply to the fellows as well. I can’t picture you with bangs. I like your answer for #11. I concur it is the true meaning of Christmas I get into, not the present buying. I am sure the Lord looks down and shakes his Head on the madness of Christmas

  3. That was pretty interesting about the auction car, actually. I’m a little surprised you and Amoeba don’t trade combs for watch bands every year. Seems like something you guys would do.

  4. What a beautiful blue sea! I could look at that photo forever, and love the words you gave it.

    The Dozen was a good one this week! I have that materialising-cop problem too.

  5. Hey Quilly, I like your haiku. Keep it up. 🙂
    I am happy with most of your answers as if that matters.
    On the ‘guys’ you talked about (#4??). Did you grow up
    in the Midwest? I did. There most people, male or female
    are guys. I get a lot flack about that down here in the
    South. Sometimes I even get accurse of being a Yankee.
    I say, “no, I am just finishing off down here what the
    Carpet Baggers couldn’t get done.

    1. To bad for me your blogging machine doesn’t allow proffreading. 😉
      Sorry, I meant accused of instead of accurse(d) of. I do get that too.

      1. Jim — I was born and lived the first 22 years of my life in/around Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. I didn’t know “guys” was supposed to be particular to any one region.

  6. I learned in my business classes in high school that being “on time” actually meant being there early enough to have coffee BEFORE the workday started — and I took that to heart! I really had an excellent business teacher — she TAUGHT work ethic! I guess I owe her!

    I like your Christmas. We DID give to the kids last year – but only stockings. Of course, Luz got spoiled just as she always does — but it doesn’t have to be Christmas for that to happen! I couldn’t “not” give either… but we have always spoiled the kids rotten at the holidays and said NO all year long. I would rather say yes all year long and cut waaaaaaaaay back on the holidays!

    1. Melli — I stayed in my high school business class for one period and 12 minutes. The first day the man said fingernails had to be short. I trimmed my nails to even with the tips of my fingers. The second day he did a hand inspection, grabbed my left hand, pulled out nail clippers and snipped the nail on my index finger, then pulled, ripping it to the quick. My bloody finger and I went to the office, filed a complaint, and refused to ever return to that man’s classroom.

  7. I went back to bangs, but not the straight down my forehead (Little Dutch Boy) kind I grew up with. I could never wear high heels in the first place, especially not now with balance issues.

    1. Barbara — I don’t do “straight” bangs, either, but my hair is too heavy to not have them short. When I returned to high heels I did choose wider heels, no stilettos.

  8. Starting time being an expectation and not a suggestion is what a lot of youth need to learn nowadays I think. Around here up until last year, there was such a shortage of workers that employers were really desparate. Some of the youth literally would do what they wanted because they knew that if they got fired they could just go across the street and get another job immediately. The service was horrendous. It was really strange for a couple of years.

    #1 made me laugh. That is exactly what happened to my hubby.

    1. Susanne — I was fired from that job over 30 years ago. I think it was one of my best — and most startling — life lessons.

    1. No, Gigi, it’s Makapuu, right across from Sea Life Park. Amoeba was wading/snorkeling the tidepools in search of seaweed and I was paddling in the puddles.

  9. i never run the lights as a driver. however, i have been known to cross on foot at red light if there was really nobody in sight.
    good answers!

    hmmm… not exactly my style but here a 5-7-5-er of mine ;):

    alone on a beach
    wave crests carry the sunlight
    toward my bare feet

    1. Polona — your verse is much better than mine. I was torn. I wanted to do serious and was supposed to do silly so I ended up with “bad”.

  10. Your Haiku was beautiful and next to that awesome shot of the water it made it even better!
    In your random dozen I cracked up, I could never run the light either I just know a cop would morph out of the darkness to get me, and Cinderella is my #1 fave Quilly.
    Geeze gotta say it again that photo is gorgeous!

      1. Quilly ,
        just because the subject is beautiful doesn’t means the photo will be, it took skill to take a shot that lovely, just admit it! You did good!

  11. I read Melli’s twelve first and on a few you are the same.
    Between you and Melli I am beginning to feel guilty about Christmas shopping.

  12. loved the haiku & pic!

    Is it Brandy playing Cinderella? I remember watching this version on TV with my college age daughter several years ago. Loved Whitney as the Fairy Godmother…quite the change from the animated version. Thanks for jogging the memory!

  13. I had to go back and see what time I sent that email out and Only you Q…that is just so so you. Now getting down to the business at hand. Are you ill? You didn’t do your usual tirade about what a Haiku really is. I’m worried about you ROFLMAO!!! It’s sorta like a missing the plane syndrome if you actually want to know the truth ROFLMAO. Oh Jienjtje if you ever read this I couldn’t resist. Wonderful Haiku. I loved it. Good answers to the first meme. 🙂 Now go to the store and get pick up your meds and I’ve called Kaneohe and told them where they can find you :No need to thank me for that one 🙂

  14. I love to read your answers as always, Quilly! And your explanation at no.3 makes a lot of sense to me. I usually go to the person’s blog and answer the question at one of the posts there, after commenting about his/her post. Beautiful haiku! It also warmth my heart and soul 🙂

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