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A Weight Loss Journey

It’s not whats on the outside that matters,
It’s how healthy you are on the inside.

Come meet The Healthy Bitch. Don’t ask me why she has chosen that name for herself. She seems to be a perfectly nice lady.  She has invited us to join her as she documents her weight loss.  She’s been at it a little over two months and she’s lost 17+ pounds (official count 9 days ago).  She shares recipes, health tips and research articles on the foods we eat.

Give her a visit.  I’ve already copied a couple of her recipes.  She offers tips for a vegan diet, a vegetarian diet, and juice fasting.  If I were to try this I would have to wean myself off meat, but I already eat pretty much organic.  We don’t care for steroids, additives or pesticides in our food.

The Healthy Bitch also shares her meal menus and her healthy diet and exercise weight plan. This is her live weight loss record, not a commercial product site.   Check her out.


  1. Sounds like how MYYYYY blog started out! Before I was a failure! LOL! I wish her the BEST and I WILL go visit her and encourage!

  2. I stink at trying to lose weight. I lose ten pounds and I gain back twenty. 😛
    More power to her though, she sounds like she’s making excellent progress!

    1. McScribbles — we do the weight yo-yo thing because of the way we eat. There is no short term fix. We have to resign ourselves to changing our lifestyles forever!

  3. I wonder is she is related to the skinny bitch ( As you know, I have had much success on the Weight Watchers plan and have lost over 42 pounds in less than 7 months. It is always nice to meet someone new who is on the same journey as me, so I will have to check out her site.

    1. Well, the Skinny Bitch is actually a team of women. I don’t know if this blogger is one of them or not, but I doubt it because she isn’t skinny — yet.

  4. Sounds like someone who can maybe encourage me to start my diet again. Thanks for the tip, will check her out!
    Be sure to come by my blog, I´m having a giveaway!

    1. Betty — check her out. I don’t care for the word “diet”, but I am thinking of incorporating a couple of her recipes into my menu.

  5. My own weight loss journey looks like a slow rollercoaster right now. It’s frustrating, but I am in it for the long haul (as in, the rest of my life).

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