Tidepools at Shark’s Cove

Another post with photos from our day with Joy.   I gave Joy my snorkeling stuff and sent her off with the scientist (Amoeba) to hunt for exciting sea life, while I played with the boring stuff in the shallows.   I have no idea what Amoeba was showing Joy in this photo, but I know it was neither boring nor slimy.  Had it been she wouldn’t be so close!

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Amoeba teaches

Amoeba teaching Joy, Phycology Marine Biology 101

Now, when I said I got the boring stuff, one has to remember that boring is relative.

Angel Fish

An Angel Fish swimming in the Shark's Cove inner tidepool.

Some things were easy to see.
Somethings were not so easy to see.


Little Green Crab on Lava Rock

These lovely zebra striped angel fish and dozens of little schools of tiny, almost see through, silvery fish darted everywhere.

tidepool dwellers

Zebra Striped Angel Fish

I don’t know the name of these little fish. They were the most plentiful and easily noticeable denizens of the inner tidal pools, darting this way and that so quickly that I took dozens of photos of them but only a few came out.

unknown silvery fish

Darting silverfish, name unknown by me.

When no fish could be found, there were other things to focus the camera on.

sea sculpture

Sea Sculpture

This flashy, colorful sea creature followed me every where I went.
Quite often it annoyed me by scaring off creatures I hoped to photograph.

Quilly toes

Quilly's Toes

Shark’s Cove Grill

A little late — but here are more photos from the day we spent beaching with Joy.  First off, Amoeba is particular where he eats, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to be eating out of a lunch wagon alongside the ocean.

Lunch Wagon

Shark's Cove Grill

I pointed out that we’d eaten at this particular place previously on a friend’s recommendation and we’d not only liked it, we were still alive.  Amoeba acquiesced, reluctantly.  We sat at the little table on the far right.


The dining area at Shark's Cove Grill

I don’t know what Joy might have been thinking.  She never said yea or nay.  She did ask what I’d eaten the last time we were there.  I told her and that’s what she ordered.

Joys Ahi

Joy's Ahi Sandwich

As you can see Joy’s sandwich has a solid Ahi (tuna) fillet. She said it was delicious. It looked so good I almost regretted my order — but only momentarily.

My Lunch

Shrimp Skewer with Pine Nut Pesto Sauce

Amoeba ordered the chicken skewer, so his plate looked much like mine. I don’t remember what his sauce was, but he and I traded bites & his was quite good, too. The photo of his dinner didn’t turn out because he stuck his hand in the way.  Once he tasted the food all his reluctance to eat at the lunch truck was gone.


One of the other diners washing up before lunch.