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Making Your Move Easier

If you don’t already know for yourself, the logistics of moving are a nightmare — especially when moving great distances. There are moving companies that can make things a lot easier. There are also moving companies that can make things a lot harder.

When Amoeba and I first started putting all of our ducks in a row, I contacted at least a dozen companies. Most of them said we’ll take you this far, then you’ll have to transfer to another company. The potential for things going wrong seriously escalates with that scenario. Plus, that’s extra people, extra handling, extra fees.

When I stumbled across, I was really excited to learn that they handle complete moves from beginning to end. I filled out the forms and it wasn’t until I got to a live person that I discovered they only facilitate moves on the mainland. Luckily, the lovely person on the phone gave me some pointers and helped me contact someone who can get us from our old door, to our new door. Easy peasy.


  1. WE have been very lucky because we didn’t have to make that kind of move. Our boys rented trucks and people from the Church helped load them and people from our new church helped unload them.

  2. YAY for them! I would imagine that adding an ocean voyage to the move seriously complicates matters! I do NOT envy you this move! I pray that your move goes smoothly and that you receive everything to your new home in a timely fashion and without any breakage! And I think word of mouth is the BEST advertisement moving companies – and they should be very happy you chose them!!!
    .-= Melli´s last blog ..Stuff n such…. =-.

  3. We were really, really lucky with our move. I’d read about “bad” moves but ours went fabulously well. In Chicago, our movers packed everything with way more packing than necessary. (I felt guilty they were being so extra careful.) Then in Hawaii, our movers were equally hard working. They put everything just where we wanted, unpacked and then later took away the boxes and packing items. We still have some of the packing newsprint paper because it’s the perfect glass cleaning wipe. I don’t recall a single thing getting broken and we had quite a few fragile items.
    .-= musings´s last blog ..Cleaning the Bathroom =-.

  4. Moving is a nightmare ! Las time I had some furniture to move from Germany to Belgium and then from Belgium to London, when I emptied my parents house and we took some furniture and my son too. Fortunately there were no troubles anymore at the borders ! Only for England we had to fill out some customs formulars.
    .-= Gattina´s last blog .. =-.

  5. GOOD LUCK is all I can say, Q. Hope everything goes smoothly. So are you going to tell us the name of your new movers — the ones who are moving you from old door to new door???
    .-= gigi-hawaii´s last blog ..Champagne =-.

  6. Good luck getting everything and yourselves there safely, and thanks for the links! The more I look into transatlantic international moving, the more I’m ready to just leave *everything* behind and start over.
    Congratulations again on your new home btw!
    .-= Susan at Stony River´s last blog ..Portrait of Words: Don’t Touch! =-.

    1. Susan — when I moved to Hawaii I got rid of almost everything. Since we’ve been here we haven’t bothered to acquire much. Here was my rule for what came and what stayed behind.

      For every item I owned underwent scrutiny:

      Is it replaceable? (Obviously the answer is NO to family heirlooms.)
      Will it cost more to replace it, or ship it?

      Then of the things I wasn’t bringing with me I had to decide whether I was tossing it, giving it away, putting it in a yard sale, or selling it on eBay.

      I sold the furniture in a yard sale and put everything else on eBay — and my eBay money financed the transport of my car.

  7. It just came to mind yesterday as I was thinking about your move. . . How do you move from Hawaii? I guess by boat? Will you take your cars or get new ones when you arrive here. I got amused realizing I was thinking a moving van would take you door to door, but there’s a “little stream” in between your two homes!
    .-= Mocha with Linda´s last blog ..Scoping Out the Random Dozen =-.

    1. Linda — we’re shipping everything except ourselves and 3 suitcases by boat. Our car will take from 15-20 days to arrive in Seattle. Our possessions will take 4-6 weeks.

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