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Remote PC Access Software

Remote Desktop Software allows computer technicians to monitor and repair PCs via remote access, remote control, and remote management. This is an ideal IT business solution that allows computer technicians and operators to resolve computer performance issues collaboratively in real time. Which means, basically, the computer tech and computer operator can work together to resolve computer issues even if they are in different parts of the building, different parts of the city, different time zones, or even different countries!

I have seen this amazing software work. When I taught at Lincoln Elementary School, any time I had an issue with my laptop or one of my classroom computers, Mr. Baker could fix it from his office clear across campus. He also managed the computers in three other schools just the same way.

Currently I have a friend who works from home. This incredible software has made that possible because her work station — and her productivity — can be visually monitored at any time. She said she has less chance of goofing off while working from home than she would in a cubicle in the office because with Proxy Pro she never knows when the boss might be watching.

Remote PC Access Software is a great help desk business solution for offices and corporations of any size. Keep your employees productive; keep your equipment repaired; and use less manpower doing so.

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