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Health, Nutrition & Shin Splints

I didn’t eat very well at the chuch thematic potluck today.  I took very small samples of food, and I didn’t have seconds, but you should have seen the load on my plate for firsts, and that doesn’t count the homemade Pecan Sandie I started the meal with, or the bowl of soup I had for dessert.  I am not going to feel guilty though.  I will just return to eating healthy tomorrow when I am not at a Mexican food smorgasboard.

I have been doing a lot of diet research lately.  Yesterday I read about The Kind Diet, which some of you may know better as the Alicia Silverstone diet.  I have incorporated a lot more whole grains and veggies into our diet, but I don’t think I am ready to go 100% vegan yet. I am very definitely a carnivore.

A few days after we arrived here in Friday Harbor, I began walking a mile a day.  I was doing reasonable well with it.  Then I took three days off — the day I went to Seattle to get Amoeba, the day after because my thighs were incredibly sore so I just took a short walk to warm up and I stretched. Then Thom arrived and I didn’t formally exercise on that day, either, but I did get some walking in (just not deliberate aeobic walking).  So Saturday I decided I had to get back to the routine — but I very quickly developed shin splints.  I had to stop at half-a mile because I could not stand the pain.

Does anybody know what’s up with that?  My sister, Caryl, wondered if I was walking on my toes. I don’t think I was, but I can’t swear to it.  Funny thing is, but Amoeba and I are suffering Charley horses as well.  What is causing this?


  1. You may have been walking too hard and with too long of a stride on Saturday, or you might not of warmed up. People know to stretch before running, but you need to stretch before walking (especially fast/aerobic walking).

    The charley horses/cramps can be caused by overuse – are y’all walking in general more since you’ve been in Friday Harbor? They can also be caused by not enough electrolytes, particular calcium or potassium.

    And it’s kind of a conundrum, and vicious cycle, as I’ve discovered myself: being overweight increases the propensity for both of those, which makes one want to eat less and exercise more, but the diet and exercise, if not done properly, can cause the pain which keeps one from keeping up with the diet and exercise.

    So ease back into it, always stretch before you walk, and be sure you are eating properly!

    Hang in there!
    .-= Mocha with Linda´s last blog ..You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes Review & Giveaway =-.

    1. Linda, modern medicine now says don’t stretch before warming up! And, yes, we are both walking more now the we’re in Friday Harbor. For one thing, our car is parked 100 yards from our door instead of three feet. For another, it is much more rural and friendly AND the weather is much more conductive to walking.

  2. I CAN’T walk – and shin splints is PART of the reason why — although – the thinner I got the last time, the more I WAS able to walk. (but my FEET are the main reason) But I’ve got mild shin splints right now – and it’s GOTTA be from pedaling – which has NEVER happened before! I am able to work through it on the bike… but it still bothers me ALL the time. My shins ache even when I’m just sitting at the computer… it stinks!

    I have only known Charlie horses from low potassium. But I haven’t had one in years… I eat banana’s a lot.
    .-= Melli´s last blog ..Here We Go Again! =-.

    1. Melli — are you a tippy-toe walker? My sister says shin splints come from walking on your toes. I’d rather had a Charlie horse then a shin splint. I know how to relax the Charlie horse.

      1. Nooooooo… I’m actually a very “heavy” walker. But I think I do walk “weird”… I’ll have to pay attention to that!
        .-= Melli´s last blog ..Snow Fun! =-.

  3. I keep waiting for a pun about Charley horses. 🙂

    I could not be a vegan, either — I’m a definite carnivore.

    And the thought of a Mexican smorgasbord is making my mouth water. You have the right attitude, though.

    I don’t think I have ever had shin splints, but the Mayo Clinic site says the causes are:

    Shin splints are caused by an overload on the shinbone and the connective tissues that attach your muscles to the bone. The overload is often caused by specific athletic activities, such as:

    * Running downhill
    * Running on a slanted or tilted surface
    * Running in worn-out footwear
    * Engaging in sports with frequent starts and stops, such as basketball and tennis

    Shin splints can also be caused by training too hard, too fast or for too long.
    .-= Barbara H.´s last blog ..Friday’s Fave Five =-.

    1. Barbara — I did write Charley horse and had to change it!

      And Amoeba told me I started out too gung ho, too fast and had over done it.

  4. Mr. G had the same. Then our doctor send him to a podologist who took prints of his feet and apparently they were not equal or I don’t know what exactly. But with this prints he made special inlays (?) to put in his shoes and ever since he can walk and his back doesn’t hurt anymore. He also has to wear them at home. They are just very thin leather inlays. Maybe you have the same ?
    .-= Gattina´s last blog .. =-.

  5. I can´t walk a very far distance either. But it´s not because of my feet or legs, it´s my shoulder blade that hurts! It´s really funny, but after about half an hour it´s killing me….

  6. Try shoe inserts, or a different pair of walking shoes. Not exactly sure why one gets shin splints. I have heard they are very painful. I too get charlie horses, but come to think of it, I have not had one in quite some time. huh.

    Our Pastor, who is also the Track coach at the school warned that my daughter could very possibly develop shin splints when she starts training with him. Oy.
    .-= Church Lady´s last blog ..Fun Monday – Movie Critic Central =-.

  7. Everyone’s said my answers already so I’ll just second them LOL — I used to wear shoe inserts that helped me with shin splints a few years back, recommended by my doctor. They helped a lot more than the shins, walking was much easier after that.

    I used to go dancing every weekend to the ceilidhs, where you’d be dancing without stop all night. Because Irish dances are on the toes a lot, we’d eat a lot of bananas and drink a lot water to keep cramps and charley horses away — taking a multivitamin high in potassium helps too.
    .-= Susan at Stony River´s last blog ..Microfiction Monday #16 =-.

  8. a lot of advice already but i’ll just add what i found is important: don’t feel sorry to spend a bit more on quality footwear. you only have one pair of feet, and they are worth taking good care of.
    .-= polona´s last blog ..snow =-.

  9. CHARLEY horses brought a grin here. 🙂
    My runner (17yo boy) developed shin splints from training too hard last year. Icing helps, along with ibuprofen.
    Remember to stretch after exercising (and if you have tight muscles like I do, a little bit of stretching before, too) and eat bananas!

    I hate it when I am finally in a good routine and my body rebels like that.
    .-= kcinnova´s last blog ..Monday Madness =-.

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