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Beware Mr. Unitard

I was looking for a vacation rental in Hawaii for a friend. I called hotel after hotel and was quoted outrages prices. It is unreal how much money a family of four has to fork out for a place to sleep. I called my friend and gave her the lowest rates I could find on hotel rooms. She almost fainted.

I figured there had to be a better way, so I contacted the visitor’s bureau. Someone there suggested I look into private rentals. That lead me someone who manages vacation rentals and we hooked my friend and her family up with a very inexpensive place to stay — and we did it all without Mr. Unitard!

Watch & Review This Funny Vacation Rental Video

This vacation rentals video cracked me up big time. I know it is slap-stick and hokie, but having participated in literally dozens of reception desk fiascoes, this one, at least, has a bit of humor involved. And, the message is dang good.  Before you pay expensive hotel fees, check to see if you can find a short-term rental home.  Frequently you get a lot more space and amenities for a lot less money.  For common sense alone I am giving this video an A+.


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