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I’ll Meet You Online

This is an amazing world we live in. Now when you want or need the services of a business professional all you have to do is move your computer mouse around a bit, click the right links, and schedule a meeting with an attorney, caterer, personal trainer, architect, etc. and determine whether you’ll meet in their office, your home or some other location in between. ServeMeHere.Com brings professional services to your doorstep with their Online Appointment scheduling.  They contemplated the world of home delivery and decided it shouldn’t just be limited to flowers, pizza and Chinese Take Out. Next they contemplated the world of social networking and decided the scope needed to be widened. Then they mashed the two together, shook them up, sorted out the pieces and came up with a brilliant plan.

Need an attorney? Search the website for a lawyer in your vicinity, then simply click to access client reviews and his online appointment book. If you like what you read, sign up for an appointment and decide where you’d like to meet.

Think about it, you can make an appointment to meet your manicurist at Starbucks and have your nails done while you sip a latte.  Or, have you ever searched high and low for a Notary Public wasting precious time and energy?  How about just making an online appointment and having one show up at your home or office?

We’ve moved to a pretty rural location so I figured would tell me I was out of luck, but believe it or not, there is actually a massage therapist nearby who will come to my home. And — this is particularly relevant this time of year — I can make an appointment with a tax consulting firm and they will send a consultant to join me at my dining room table so we can do my taxes together.

All of a sudden it is a consumer market again and services are easier to come by at prices we are willing to pay — and, thanks to, at times and places that are relevant to our own personal needs. Now how cool is that?

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