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Dude and Dude Fly United

We do not!!

“Yeah? You haven’t flown coach lately, have you, dude? ‘Intimate’ doesn’t begin to describe it.”

“Ew. How much for first class?”

“More than your payperblaug can afford, dude. It’s a crowded world. You want to breathe, you gotta be enough of a mogul to pay for it. Speaking of which …”

“Who you callin’ a witch?”

“Boil and bubble, dude. I was wonderin’ how you came by that face of yours. But, hey. I knew that Microsoft, your rave fave, was big around here, but does the boss have to splash his name everyplace?

“What’re you talkin’ about, dude? I switched to Windows 7 already.”

“And it almost works, too. ‘Course, compared to Vista, anything works. You were better off doin’ your word processing with stone axes. But look where we’re heading. ‘B Gates’. I ain’t seen such cheek since Donald Trump. And then there’s ‘A Gates’, and ‘C Gates’, and ‘N Gates’. Bad enough I gotta put up with Bill. Do I also gotta put up with all of Bill’s family members?

“Right, dude. You’d prefer that the places they park planes were named after your favorite computer billionaire? That dude J …”

Shut up, dude! You want to cause a stampede?!?


    1. It’s the latest airline profit center, Nessa. Weight loss programs (see “pay through the nose for cheap snacks”). Or maybe body sculpting is the better term.

    1. Doug, sssh! Don’t give them any ideas. Next thing you know, you’ll be booking the passage on Travelocity along with your flight.

    1. Yeah, Melli, but we got used to flying ’cause driving anywhere from Honolulu was, um, not much of an option. Unless you owned a Jesus car. And they stopped making those, oh, a couple of thousand years ago.

      1. “Hey! I resemble that!”

        “And you were complaining about me calling you a witch. But chill, dude. They were talkin’ about OC. Not us. We can do as we like.”

        “We can? Oh. Heh, heh. Gnarly, dude …!”

    1. But Polona, gates are jobs. I spent a lot of time on ranch land as a kid and all gates opened must promptly be closed, and the kids are the ones foisted in and out of the rig to do that?

      1. So, Quilly, you and your fellow ranch kids received indoctrination from an early age on the necessity of making gates straight? Explains much …

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