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Dude and Dude: Where There’s Smoke …

“Dude?” “Yeah?” “Did you hear that announcement?” “Which one? There’s lots.” “The one that says that this is a non-smoking airport.” “Makes me happy.” “Oh?” “Yeah. No smoke means I can see where I’m goin’.” “But …” “But what?” “But I’m hungry, dude!” “So?” “How can anyplace cook me a [...]

Dude and Dude Fly United

“We do not!!” “Yeah? You haven’t flown coach lately, have you, dude? ‘Intimate’ doesn’t begin to describe it.” “Ew. How much for first class?” “More than your payperblaug can afford, dude. It’s a crowded world. You want to breathe, you gotta be enough of a mogul to pay for it. [...]