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Kid Logic

I was in the soap isle of the grocery store.  A mother with a toddler in her cart passed me and went around the end of the isle to the frozen section.  I heard the toddler exclaim, “Oh!  I wants dat!”  I knew from experience that they were standing in front of the ice cream case.

Mom said, “I just bet you do, but those are for very good little boys.”

“I’s can be a good lil boy,” the toddler said. “I’s can.  I’s can be weally good.”

Momma said, “But you weren’t very good this morning.”  I walked around the isle to the ice cream section, mother and toddler had moved on to the frozen vegetables.

The toddler said, “I’s can be good.  I’s can.  I’s can be weally good.  Weally.”

Momma said, “Good little boys don’t ask for things in the grocery store.”

The child looked at her with a frown on his face.  “Bud if I’s no ask,” he said, “You no knows whad I’s wans.”

Because she wants us to laugh a little every weekend, Shakira of, You Are Never Alone, hosts the Weekend Funnies meme.  Shakira says she doesn’t care if we make up our own memes or post some of those endless jokes that fill our email boxes.  She just wants us to share a bit of laughter while visiting each other on the net.  Check out Shikira’s blog for the other players and come laugh with us.


    1. Barbara — yes there is. Mainly that people shouldn’t have children if they aren’t smarter than toddlers themselves. 😉

    1. Melli — yeah, but I am certain the mom was expecting the kid to follow adult logic, rather than just being so straight forward about the whole thing.

  1. Well it seems to me that mom is in the right area make sure the toddler eats veggies hmm? I got a good smile with this one. 🙂 I like your baby talk LOL 🙂

  2. Years ago I worked at a store, in a toy department.

    I remember this one little girl (about 3 years old) who came in to look with her uncle. When she asked for a $50 toy he told her he couldn’t afford to get her anything this time and she’d have to ask her mum another day.

    The little girl proceeded to lie on the floor and kick and scream and her uncle quickly grabbed the toy, put it in his cart and said “okay, okay shh! I’ll buy it for you.”

    As if that wasn’t a big enough mistake to begin with, he didn’t take her at this point and put her in the cart and leave the area, instead he stuck around… allowing the little girl to look at other toys which she was bound to want… and of course now she had learned how to get them. He didn’t even ask which one she wanted more… nope he ended up buying her everyone she screamed and kicked about… I think he ended up buying 6 or 7 toys and spending over $250 on the kid…yikes.

  3. That’s too funny!

    BTW, I have to tease you just a bit. You’ve been living on the Hawaiian and, now, Washington isles too long! Here on the mainland the stores have aisles! (Although I guess when you buy soap, it becomes an isle in your bath!)

    Isle hush now. 🙂

  4. Having a little 3-year old neice around, I realize that toddlers take what adults say literally. They can certainly make you out to be the fool sometimes.

    1. CL – -too easily and we are always stunned. It is just because they by-pass all the complications we just “understand”.

  5. Hello there Quilly. I’ve seen you few times in PPP. Giving advices/comments to those who have questions in PPP. I appreciate you for being so helpful. Have a nice day.

  6. Ouch! Smart little boy! Great funnies, Quilly!
    My youngest does not say much so, now hubby is telling me that
    she actually make SOUNDS and NOISES as indications! OMG!
    She , however is now a teenager!

    Thank you for your contribution, Quilly.
    Much appreciated.

  7. Sorry I did not see all the comments.Man, I am still having problem with my glasses.
    Okie dokie, NO THEME, just free style.

  8. well, the toddler had a point 🙂
    kids are often smarter than the adults give them credit for and i think that is a quality that should be encouraged rather than supressed – withing reasonable limits, of course

  9. LOL. Great Weekend Funnies! His Mom should have known better. I really love kids logic. Sometimes they seem to make more sense than adults with their purity.

  10. Smart kid!
    My kids wrote ICE CREAM in big letters on the grocery list. I told them I can’t buy it if I don’t know what kind they want, and that they have to write it on the list. They kept trying to TELL me what kind, and I kept saying, “Write it on the list!” After about 5 minutes, one of them got off his hiney and did what needed to be done. I guess they think ice cream is my #1 priority at the grocery store!

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