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It’s All Greek To Me

Hi, my name is Quilly and I speak English.  Okay, I have a little bit of Spanish, but pretty much just enough to ask for the rest room or order a beer (those two kind of go together). When I really need to communicate in Spanish, I use a translator.

Quality translators aren’t all that easy to come by unless you know where to look. Don’t look online at the computerized free translation generators. You get what you pay for. is a professional translation service that uses world-class translators — live people — to meet your translation needs.  Better yet, not just one translator will work on your document, it will be scrutinized by a team to make certain you get the best quality translation available.  Moreover, if you don’t approve the quality of the transition, it will be done and done again until it is correct, or you can refuse it altogether without penalty. Job Opportunities are available:  if you speak more than one language fluently and are able to translate accurately, Translia invites you to apply for a position.  All jobs are done via the internet and computer, so you may feel free to work from your own home or wherever else you might have quality computer access.

Bloggers, even if you don’t translate but maintain a blog frequented by people who speak a variety of languages, you might want to visit and pick up an affiliate badge.  You can earn money anytime someone contracts via your website.

Whether you need something translated, wish to be a translator, or wish to be an affiliate, visit today and check out the particulars.  To recap, you’ve been provided with three different offers:

  1. purchase quality translations
  2. get paid to provide quality translations
  3. get paid to refer customers to


  1. Thats a very good thing to do if you can get the right job. Sometimes they ask for translations that are too technical. but oterwise it would be a great home based job. Would love it:)

  2. *raises hand* … quick question. If you don’t KNOW the language that you need to have translated, how do you KNOW that the translation you get is up to your high expectations? …. just wondering…

    1. I’ve always wondered that too, Sometimes with translators I try just translating into French (replace with another language you might know) and if that’s pretty good then I count on the others being good…

      The other way, maybe translate something you write into another language and then whatever it outputs, translate that back into English and see how much meaning is lost.

      1. Teresa — whew! That seems like a lot of work. I am thinking they wouldn’t offer a money back guarantee if they had to honor it too often. I think they must just do the work correctly the first time.

    2. Melli — you have 24 hours to complain, so you’d better get it to whomever you’re having it translated for in that amount of time! I doubt it is a serious issue though since they have multiple translators look at each piece.

  3. These translators are hilarious ! What fun I already had when I tried them out ! Most of the time it doesn’t make any sense, because it’s translated word by word. Real good translations are only possible by a living person ! I have done this my whole life. From French to German, from German to English, from Italian to French, etc. I tell you it’s not easy at all ! (but well payed, lol)

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