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Rainy Day Reading

After Dinner last night, we retired to our lovely little private tent.  Amoeba and I were tired.  We’d gotten up before the sun, driven to Vancouver, then bused and ferried another several hundred miles.  It was 9 p.m., the sun was just setting and we were ready for some relaxing.  I wanted a bath.

Ella did, too, and she beat me to the tub.  She was pretty upset when I explained that she was just too small and once there was enough water in the tub to turn the jets on, it would be decidedly over her head.

Ella in the Spa Tub

I helped Ella out of the tub and prepared the bath. She +peeked over the side at the hot, roiling water and decided she’d just have a shower, thanks. I found the tub exquisite.

This morning we woke to the pitter-patter of falling rain on our canvas roof. I opened the bamboo blinds and peeked outside. “Oh my gosh,!” I excalimed. “Somebody stole the ocean!”

Amoeba commented that it appeared they were trying to replace it with plenty of fresh water. The rain poured down and the fog came in to the shoreline.

Ella grabbed her book, snuggled back into the covers and said it wasn’t fit weather out for elephant or beast. And then she asked us to go fetch her breakfast from the lodge!


Chosen Ones, The Aedyn Chronicles, by Alister McGrath

current contest stats:

— Nessa — 27
— Susan — 18
— Barbara — 16
— Raven — 10
— Alice Audry — 5


    1. Mocha — while Ella was kicked back on her pillows, I was having sausage, eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, melon, strawberries and blueberries from the breakfast bar.

  1. Hope you’re enjoying yourself. I love the Ella Chronicles 🙂 She looks very cosy, but yes, that tub would have been rather large for her. Good thing you stopped her, that could have wound up as a disaster.

  2. That tub sounds just right for the weather you´re having. I would love one of those. I would the weather gets better for tomorrow.

    1. Susan — since the choice for snuggling was with Ella, bacon sounded better. Had Amoeba not been off to his day’s work I might have reconsidered.

  3. I’m glad to see Ella is enjoying both the book — AND the bath! She really prefers a “dry bath” though… no jets! LOL! Man, I want to stay in one of these tents!

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