Checking Out

Ella on reception desk at main lodge

Secret Cove Resort, Halfmoon Day, B.C.

We’ll all soon be on the road again for another full day of travel.  I’ll see you all when I am once again state side!  It has been wonderful here and, of course, now that we are leaving the sun has come out.  I just got some great shots of starfish on the beach.  I’ll share them later.

Meet The Neighbors

As Amoeba and I have been out and about we have met a few of the neighbors here at Secret Cove. Last night on the way to dinner we met his fellow. As you can see, he was already eating.

He wasn’t in the least bit perturbed by my approach. He just kept happily munching away. However, when another squirrel approached, he whirled around and ran away. I guess he was disinclined to share.

Then, today when Amoeba and I were strolling along the boardwalk we met Little Bear. The housekeeper had told me to keep an eye out for him. She must have also told him to keep an eye out for me.

"Psst! Hey, you two! Down here!"

Would you just look at that face? Isn’t he a cutie? He isn’t tame, but he is “tamish”. The housekeeper came out of one of the tents down the boardwalk and brought rice crackers.

Apparently Little Bear knows her well.  He ran to her and stood in his hind legs.  (That pic came out really blurry.)  She dropped a cracker to him.  He picked it up and showed it to her.  She told him that yes, it was his, and he was welcome.  Then he ate.

After he ate he came over and did a chin up on the boardwalk at Amoeba’s feet.  He was hoping we’d offer him food, too, but alas, we didn’t have any.  He was still kind enough to allow me to take a close up, though.

This is the closest I have ever been to a raccoon.  This one has been here since he was a baby and is used to the ways of people.  The staff treat him well, but the housekeeper did say they have to be careful what they leave around so the raccoons don’t tear things up.

Rainy Day Reading

After Dinner last night, we retired to our lovely little private tent.  Amoeba and I were tired.  We’d gotten up before the sun, driven to Vancouver, then bused and ferried another several hundred miles.  It was 9 p.m., the sun was just setting and we were ready for some relaxing.  I wanted a bath.

Ella did, too, and she beat me to the tub.  She was pretty upset when I explained that she was just too small and once there was enough water in the tub to turn the jets on, it would be decidedly over her head.

Ella in the Spa Tub

I helped Ella out of the tub and prepared the bath. She +peeked over the side at the hot, roiling water and decided she’d just have a shower, thanks. I found the tub exquisite.

This morning we woke to the pitter-patter of falling rain on our canvas roof. I opened the bamboo blinds and peeked outside. “Oh my gosh,!” I excalimed. “Somebody stole the ocean!”

Amoeba commented that it appeared they were trying to replace it with plenty of fresh water. The rain poured down and the fog came in to the shoreline.

Ella grabbed her book, snuggled back into the covers and said it wasn’t fit weather out for elephant or beast. And then she asked us to go fetch her breakfast from the lodge!


Chosen Ones, The Aedyn Chronicles, by Alister McGrath

current contest stats:

— Nessa — 27
— Susan — 18
— Barbara — 16
— Raven — 10
— Alice Audry — 5

Camping in Canada

Once again we are camping in Canada.

the view

Amoeba is a guest speaker at a science convention and tomorrow he will be speeching about amoebas.  We spent the day traveling across B.C.  in our car, a tour bus and a ferry.  Finally, twelve hours after I crawled out of bed this morning we are here at Secret Cove in Halfmoon Bay, B.C.

our tent

It is a bit larger than our little Eddie Bauer two man canvas tent. I’m sure glad I didn’t have to set it up!

the porch

Here’s a quick glimpse inside. Ella went straight for the pillows. She said as far as tents go, she guesses this one isn’t too bad. Amoeba went straight for the internet. I went straight for my camera. We all have our priorities!

the inside

Right now my priority is dinner. I’ll be back later to share a few more highlights.