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Not The Adventure I Was Expecting

No shopping.  No blogging.

I went to the doctor in Anacortes because I have an owie — and an infection that isn’t healing — and the local doc wanted me to see a specialist.  The specialist looked and poked and prodded, and then he pulled out a scalpel and did some slicing and dicing.

What I am telling you is that I just had very minor outpatient surgery, and since I had gone to town by myself both the doctor and Amoeba demanded I immediately return home.  The anesthesia is wearing off.  I am about to take a codeine based pain pill, and I’ll probably go out like a light.  If I didn’t get to your blog to visit you, I am sorry.

If you are inclined to pray, please do so.  The doctor is sending the tissue samples in for analysis.  I know he isn’t anticipating anything life threatening because he scheduled my next appointment for July 14th.


  1. That must have been very scary when the doc wanted to do more than take a blood sample or give you a shot of antibiotics. Consider the prayers said. 😉 Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Cherie — well, the needle in my nipple wasn’t a picnic, I can tell you, and I didn’t much like watching him slice it up, but my far the worst part has been anticipating the pain. So far the incision doesn’t hurt quite as much as the infection did.

  2. You are in my prayers. Hope the pain and the worry both vanish with the dawn. Email if you would like some reiki. (I know you don’t believe in it, but the offer is there anyway.)

    1. Raven — I put my faith in God, but I am not certain that means I disbelieve in Reiki. Are they supposed to be mutually exclusive?

  3. Q better to be safe than sorry. Know that you are always in my thoughts and I know this will be fine. Get some rest and take care and FOLLOW the doctors orders. 🙂 xoxoxox

    1. Thom — it likely isn’t near as serious as I feared it was, but having my left nipple sliced and diced has left me in enough trauma that I am taking it easy.

  4. All best healing vibes are winging in your direction from my corner of Blogland. 🙂

    1. Betty — Amoeba is trying to decide whether he is going in to work today or staying home to baby-sit me. I’m trying to decide whether or not I am cleaning the kitchen or going back to bed.

  5. I’m sorry to read about this. Don’t worry about visiting our blogs. I’m sure everyone will understand. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Hopefully the outcoming results are good. Thom is right, better safe than sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Take good care.

    1. Rosidah — I visited many of the blogs last night while I was waiting for the pain meds to kick in. Once they kicked in they worked so well I slept for about 7 hours straight.

  6. Owww! Take care… 😉 You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers. You’re the most amazing blog visitor, I think all of your pals in blog-land will understand while you take a little time to focus on the healing process….
    BTW..codeine…me no likey ;( must be the control freak in me …lol

  7. Oh my goodness, Quilly! That’s awful! The dicing and slicing part made me wince. I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this. I’ll be thinking about you and hoping for a speedy recovery. Good thing you went to the doctor!

    1. Kay — not going to the doctor wasn’t an option. If I hadn’t gone willingly, Amoeba would have taken me by force.

  8. You WATCHED? Wow, you are one brave woman. I don’t even watch a blood draw, let alone surgery, minor or otherwise.

    I’ll be sending lots of good thoughts your way, for smooth healing and good test results.


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    1. Robin — if possible I always watch when someone is messing with my body. It is more of a control issue than bravery.

  9. take care, Q! sending some healing vibes your way!

    ( for once i’m not sorry your team lost – that should have been slovenia there playing ghana in the first place)

  10. I’m so glad the pain pills worked and you got to sleep. As much as I love your island, I wish you could have been closer to home for THAT! Good luck with the incision and God bless, and keep sleeping well. You’re in my prayers – but then you always are.

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