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Quick Health Update

I am feeling a LOT better today.  I slept for 12 hours last night! And I am actually in much less pain from the surgery than I was from the infection!  Doc removed all of the diseased tissue, so I appear to be (my diagnosis) healing this time around.  There is no more pus or brown discharge.  Now my nipple leaks only occasional drops of blood.  (I know, TMI).

Amoeba took me out to dinner tonight and we enjoyed the San Juan Jazz Quintet as we ate.  I have photos to share.  For tonight I am kicked back and taking it easy.  Despite all of my sleep I am thinking it’s time for bed.  Yawn.


  1. WAY TOO MUCH INFO LOL 🙂 Seriously I’m glad you are doing better. How fun to go out. And BTW what was with you downloading your profile picture to Flickr? Doing something special with it? 🙂 Get some more rest tonight 🙂

      1. I read my comment and my comment only unless I notice something that catches my eye Obviously that didn’t

        1. Yeah, reading too many others can take too much time, but sometimes one misses the best stuff when they skip the comments.

          1. Thom — Try the explanation that I was talking about my breast. Or the fact that the doctor stuck a needle in my nipple. Or the fact that he cut my nipple open and removed part of it. If you knew all of that you shouldn’t have thought today’s post was TMI. Right?

          2. See your talking nipples and I’m talking about your new blog. LOL You see I thought there was something mentioned in the previous post about your new blog. So when you said I didn’t read the comments on your previous post I went back and looked and they were all about your nipple/surgery. I thought well where is the part about the new blog. So what I can’t figure out is why you said initially I didn’t read the comments. I knew what the post was about and You were the one in this post that said TMI first and I was just agreeing with you. Confused yet? Oh well. It’s late and I have to be up early. Night Night. I’m just glad your doing better.

  2. I hope you are feeling better soon! In my opinion doctors are evil but thats only because they keep putting me under and cutting me open. I hope you are putting up pictures of your in-office procedure instead of dinner… far more interesting, again only my opinion. 😀

    1. Amanda – -thanks. I am feeling much better. And that doctor was very zealous when he stuck that needle in my nipple!

  3. Hey Quilly, GET WELL SOON! I am of the praying type and have prayed for you and will at leat until I hear you are completely clear. God bless you! I know he does but I will ask that he continue to bless you.

    That really does take the sap out of you (guess pun is okay??). I had four teeth pulled a couple of weeks ago. The doc scraped and scoured a lot of puss and infection out of me too. Then he built my gum back up with bone graft. [I’m betting your didn’t get bone grafted]. That took the sap out of me too, I slept 12 or 14 hours afterwards!.
    Now, two weeks and three days later I am sitting in St. John’s Wood, London, doing a little catching up with my blogging friends. Some of them have been going to pot.

    Love you, Quilly, big (((((HUGS))))) ! ! ! ! ! 🙂

  4. So glad you’re feeling better and I hope you continue to improve every day! Sounds like such a lovely night out! We can all use one of those!! Hope you have a great day and lots of sunshine.


    1. Sylvia — dinner and the band was lovely, then today we went to lunch with friends. I sure am getting a vacation from cooking!

  5. Oh yikes! The owie was in your breast? Blood from the nipple? That would scare the devil out of me. Thank goodness they’ve got it out and you’re healing. Please get some rest.

  6. Glad you are on the road to recovery Quilly, I said a prayer for you my friend. Glad you had a wonderful night out with The Amoeba.

  7. Glad to hear you are feeling better Quilly 🙂 I couldn’t respond yesterday as I wasn’t on my own computer and people were waiting to use the one I was on, but I did read your post and was praying.

  8. Thom wins the “Best Snarky Commentary” award for the QQ post, “Quick Health Update”.
    Congratulations Thom. We’re all extremely impressed.

  9. Ooooh dear.

    Glad you got to have a nice evening out; hope things continue to improve on the infection front and that the news from the doctor is good.
    Sleep, sleep, sleep
    it’s so good for you.

    1. Logo — Amoeba is letting me sleep as long as I can and I can sleep a surprisingly long time! But it is making a difference and I am feeling a lot better.

    1. Polona — that Thom …. we sorted it out in email. He thought I was talking about the new blog, not the TMI. He’s kind of dense sometimes.

  10. I had to go back and read the comments on the previous post — somehow I had thought the injury was to your foot, that when you talked about the run-in with the sofa, you had bumped your foot against it, so the leaking nipple caught be by surprise!! That would be a tender area to be sliced and diced. I hope it heals well and soon. Sleep is the best medicine — hope you get all the rest you can.

    1. Barbara — I so wish it had been my foot! And now that it is healing and itching I am really wishing it had been my foot! 😉

  11. Yowie – I hope you’re perfectly well again soon and that this leads to nothing more! I tried to comment a few times with no luck, then left to email you — don’t know what happened after that but now I remember never getting back to it.

    First the Couch Attack and now this, you need to start being more careful!

  12. Hi Quil. Been reading your posts and catching up. I hope by now you are way on your way to healing from your surgery. Sorry it took me a while to comment here. My healing thoughts and prayers are with you!

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