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$ave on Moving Companie$

I know that several of you are moving in the near future. Since we just finished that major chore, I thought I would offer some time and money saving suggestions. First and foremost, if you have items you’ve not used in the last year, it makes more sense to sell them than to move them. Second off, unless it has sentimental value, don’t move anything that is cheaper to replace.

Third, make certain you have reliable movers! This is critical. I spent a lot of time doing research on different moving companies. I collected quotes, read reviews and investigated each company online.  Now that we’ve finished our move there’s actually a one-stop website that can help sort through all the slush!  Where was it when I needed it?!
When I moved from Vegas to Hawaii, and when I moved from Hawaii to here, I had a few simple rules that helped me cut down on clutter. (Read “it” as whatever item was in question.)

  1. If I hadn’t used it in months, I sold it or gave it away.
  2. If it held sentimental value, I kept it.  Period.
  3. The cheap stuff got left behind.
  4. And, the big question I asked of every single item, “How will my life be impacted if I don’t have this item?”  It is amazing how much crap I had that was totally “live without-able”.

Oh, and one more bit of urgent moving advice, when you get where you’re going and you get everything unpacked, unless you are looking forward to moving again, do not toss the boxes out.  Break a few down and keep them as talismans against a future move, then give the rest away!  As soon as you “waste” them, you’ll need boxes again, so use them very, very wisely as a hedge against future moves.


  1. I agree with you on all of this except keeping the boxes. Cockroaches eat the glue that holds cardboard together, so it is common to transport their eggs without knowing. You do NOT want them hatching in your new place where the box is stored somewhere that you don’t see it daily . . . veteran of many military moves…

    1. Nessa — yes — and that is the way I live now. I have even gotten to the point of not even bringing the “fleeting entertainment” stuff home from the store.

  2. The amount of accumulated crap IS amazing — I’m almost glad to have gone through the overseas moves, just because it will probably keep the clutter down for the rest of my life.

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