Epic Fail

Oceanic Time Warner Cable lost most of a state today.  Something major went wrong with their network, and most of Hawaii was without cable TV and internet.  I understand that Oahu wasn’t effected, but all of the other islands suffered the outage to some extent.

We were without net all day.  Ella and I were forced to go to the beach against our will.  We would have so much rather have stayed inside and blogged.  (You believe that, right?)

11 thoughts on “Epic Fail

    • Gigi — I am sorry to hear Oahu was without internet, too. Thom doesn’t have Oceanic and I guess OJM slept through the outage because she said her cable wasn’t affected. The radio all day today kept saying only Oahu wasn’t affected.

    • BArbara – -and at the end of the day after a lovely dinner and a beautiful sunset, Amoeba and I returned to the hotel to learn that the internet had been up and running for about a half-an-hour!

  1. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight! I wish MY internet would go down for a few weeks… NO! I don’t. I just wish I could find the right balance. (I need the internet for OTHER things too….) Poor Quilly… I am sO sorry you had to suffer the sands of Hawaii and those nasty NASTY crystal blue waters! I do feel for you….

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