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That Man!

She asked him if he wanted breakfast.  About one Saturday a month she fixes something special.

He said, “I could eat.  Nothing heavy though.”

She said, “Oh.  I had bacon and eggs planned.”

He smiled.  “Bacon is good.  Bacon. Eggs.  Maybe some toast and juice, too.”

She gave him that look and said, “Bacon, eggs, toast, juice?  What, no hash browns?  And how about pancakes?  Oh and cinnamon rolls.  Don’t forget cinnamon rolls. Or would you rather have donuts?  And fresh fruit.  We can’t forget the fresh fruit can we?”

He said, “Thank you, dear, but I think bacon, eggs, toast and juice will be plenty.  Really. Nothing heavy.”

“All right, then.” She said.

He arranged his laptop on his knees and stayed in bed.  She took herself off to the kitchen where She cooked bacon and eggs, toasted toast, and poured tall, cold glasses of juice.  Then She called him to the table and set the food down in front of him.  He looked at the food; crisp bacon, eggs over-easy, golden brown toast, and fresh, chilled grapefruit juice. Was that good enough to suit him?


He wanted silverware, too.


“But you said nothing heavy,” she reminded him.

He gave her that look.  “I’ll make an exception for the silverware,” He answered.

Why can’t He ever just say what he wants right up front instead of always making her guess?


  1. I would thank that she would know that he doesn’t eat breakfast with his hands and would automatically take the silverware with the breakfast. I’m just sayin’ it’s not like the first time breakfast has been served by her

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