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Safer Than One Overhead

Early Wednesday morning

He: “Ready?”

She: “Think so.”

He: “Got your vendor pass?”

She: “Check.”

He: “Tables and chairs?”

She: “Check.”

He:Avon stuff?

She: “Check.”

He: “Balanced?”

She: “Checkbook. You thought I wasn’t listening, weren’t you?”

He: “Camera?”

She: “And just when do you think I’m going to have time to take pictures?

He: “You’ll find the time. Especially if the geese fly over your head. That’s a photo I’d like to have. Just the thing for this occasion.”

She: “Are you calling me silly?

He: “Of course not. But they are San Juan County fowl.”

She: “Are we there yet?”


  1. One of the things that convinced me to marry Mr. Logo all those years ago was that he was capable of witty repartee. How else can you pass the time?
    Glad you have each other to entertain yourselves.

  2. I said it before and I’ll say it again. Just like Desi and Lucy, though I thinik you said one Quilly you rather it be Rob and Laura.

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