Quilly Update

Today (21 August 2010) is the last day of the San Juan County Fair. Ever since Wednesday, she’s been staffing her very own booth at the fair – all by herself. From 9 in the morning to 9 or 10 at night. (Amoebae have to work their own jobs, and they don’t make very convincing Avon ladies anyway.)

Needless to say, about the only thing that the Q wishes when she gets home these last few nights is a shower and a bed. Blogging, not so much. There are certain challenges to trying to prepare blog posts with eyes closed.

Rest assured, Quilly will be back on the blog circuit in a day or two, after she gets a chance to recover from her stint as a carnie kid. That’s carnival kid, for the unworthy among you out there. Sheesh.

Safer Than One Overhead

Early Wednesday morning

He: “Ready?”

She: “Think so.”

He: “Got your vendor pass?”

She: “Check.”

He: “Tables and chairs?”

She: “Check.”

He:Avon stuff?

She: “Check.”

He: “Balanced?”

She: “Checkbook. You thought I wasn’t listening, weren’t you?”

He: “Camera?”

She: “And just when do you think I’m going to have time to take pictures?

He: “You’ll find the time. Especially if the geese fly over your head. That’s a photo I’d like to have. Just the thing for this occasion.”

She: “Are you calling me silly?

He: “Of course not. But they are San Juan County fowl.”

She: “Are we there yet?”