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A New Kind of Spam

I just got my first text spam from a horrible person named Kirsten who wanted me to buy her new album.  That text message just assured that I would not buy her album even if I wanted it.  When Kirsten sent me that message she stole from me.

I am allowed X number of text messages per month.  Kirsten just wasted one of them.  Since I can’t hunt Kirsten down and shove her phone where she’d have a heck of a time reaching the keys, how do I protect myself from unwanted text messages?

I am not amused.


  1. I know there is a way to block certain callers and texts from coming in, but you have to program your phone to block them in the first place. Not sure about the spam texting. I have limited texting too and each message is very precious!!

  2. I never got these kind of messages on my cellphone ! actually I don’t get messages very often, my friends hate that and would rather call. Delete it and take it easy. It’s not worthwhile to get angry.

  3. To block anything you have to know the number to block. So that doesn’t help with spam. Totally aggravating. But you may be able to get your phone service to remove it from your bill if you tell them it was spam.

  4. I got one of them the other day too. We have unlimited texts with Verizon customers … but I have NO idea if that person was a Verizon customer. And I give my cell phone # to SO few people that I have to think it was dumb luck that they got me… but I found it very annoying. All my texts come from my children, and I don’t enjoy being duped that way!

  5. I would call your cell phone company and ask them if there is a way to block text messages from spammers, or at the very least, people who aren’t in your phone book.

    Plus, try googling this girl’s name. If she really does have an album out that she is promoting, she probably has a website with contact information. Email her and let her know your displeasure. It might make her think twice about her promotional tactics.

  6. Reply to the unwanted text with STOP CANCEL REMOVE (all of them in the reply) Usually one of those three words will stop it. You should get a confirmation saying you have been unsubscribed. The is generally how you do it. And you can call your carrier. Usually they are pretty good about adding back for this kind of stuff.

  7. Trust techno-Thom to know the answer of how to do it!

    This is similar to what happens in offices with spam faxes. I see it at the County library all the time.

    Part of the problem of unwanted texts comes from the quick reassignment of phone numbers…

  8. Stuff like that sucks 🙁
    Especially when it takes something away from you.
    Here it’s just a time waster. But it’s so bad that you have to turn your phone off at night 🙁

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