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Auto Insurance For Blonds

Blondie is upset.  First she was pulled over for failing to yield the right away at a stop sign.  She plans to fight the ticket in court because the sign doesn’t say yield, it says stop.

Then the cop asked to see her insurance card.  She handed him her Blue Shield card.  The cop said, “Not your health insurance ma’am.  Your auto insurance.”

Blondie looked at him blankly.  “My health insurance is automatic,” she said.  “At least it is for me.  My employer pays it.”

The cop said, “Ma’am, open your glove box and give me your car insurance.”

“Oh!”  The blond said brightly. “Why didn’t you just say so?”  She opened her glove box and handed the officer her car manual.

The cop’s patience was almost gone.  “Ma’am, this is not your auto insurance.”

“I know that, silly,” the blond said.  “That’s the operator’s manual for my car.  If you look at it it says right there I don’t need auto insurance coverage.”

The cop was so startled he actually looked at the manual.  “It says what?!”

The blond pointed at the words standard transmission.  “I don’t need auto insurance,” she said.  “I drive a stick-shift!”

That’s when the cop wrote the second ticket, which Blondie also plans to fight in court.  I tried to explain things to her but I wasn’t getting through.  I gave up right after I told her she should start by getting an auto insurance quote and she responded, “Now I know you’re just teasing!’  Insurance can’t talk!”

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  1. Hehehe ! didn’t happen yet to me although I am blond. But car insurance is a big green letter and the health insurance a little credit card like thing, so even the blond can’t mix it up !

    BTW Shakira doesn’t do Weekend funnies since June, she asked me to take it over until she comes back and we do it together, because her daughter is very sick. So the logo changed and please put your link on my blog.

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