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Bottomed Out

He emerged from the closet with sweat pants in hand.  She said, “Are you wearing those to work?”

He said, “I have to.  I don’t seem to have any clean jeans.”

She said, “Yes you do!  I washed the laundry yesterday!”  She ran into the laundry room to get his clothes.  “Oh!”  She yelled.  “Apparently ‘the maid’ forgot to put your clothes in the dryer. I suppose you’re going to be picky and insist on dry jeans?”

He said, “No.  I’m just going to wear my sweats.  I’m already putting them on.”

She emerged from the laundry room. “That’s good, because after all, I spent yesterday ironing your shirts.  I think insisting on ironed shirts and dry blue jeans is just a little over the top, don’t you?”

He said, “We’ve got to do something about your attention span and memory, dear.  If all I wanted was something for “over the top” we wouldn’t be worried about jeans or sweat pants now, would we?”

She said, “No, but we might have to worry about you getting drafted.”


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