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S’no Day

She: “C’mon, slugabed, I’ve got to go soon.”

He: “Snow day.”

She: “It most certainly is day. You can see in the house without turning the lights on, and it’s before 8 AM. We might survive the winter yet.”

He: “Snow day.”

She: “Are you listening to me? It is day! Wake up before it’s over!

He: “Hang it, love, look out the window!

She: “Oh my God, it’s snowing!

He: “Like I’ve been trying to tell you. It’s no day for you to be going anyplace!

She: “But I’ve got an appointment in town! I can’t afford to miss it!”

He: “You’re driving in this?”

She: “Yeah?”

He: “Then they’re something I do want you to miss.”

She: “My appointment?”

He: “The trees that’re shooting up out of the ground while you’re trying to steer a car over it.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     

She will be out in this all day – they’re calling for up to 5 inches of the white stuff, which in this part of the world will have the impact that a two-foot blizzard would have in, like, Maine or Minnesota. She’ll probably be by to visit blogs and all sometime this evening, or tomorrow. In the meantime, tell her to be careful for me, willya?


    1. Well, Linda, she’s OK so far. As for the sense, she knows what she doesn’t have – and what she really won’t have if she gets into a bind and somebody asks for dollars

  1. This must be a very important appointment to be out driving in a predicted 5 inch snowfall. Be careful…the most important thing to remember is that you’re not only driving your car, you must be totally alert and aware of how everyone else is driving their car.

    Living near Chicago, we had the third biggest blizzard in history this winter but for the first time since moving here nearly seventeen years ago, I didn’t have to drive in it. I’m lovin’ retirement this winter!

    1. Bev, she may choose to tell you about it when she gets back. Neither of us has yet gotten to the point of interpreting ‘defensive driving’ to mean putting white pickets around the car – but we’ve thought about it.

    1. Meanwhile, the folk in Vancouver, BC, just to our north, are screaming “Where was all this last year, when we needed it?? (the famous snow-free winter olympics)”.

  2. Don’t you live in Washington state? Five inches? You’d think you were in Chicago. Which reminds me, I’ll have to call my daughter and see if she’s snowed in again.

    1. Right now it’s about three inches, Kay. Second time this year … which for us is layin’ it on a bit thick.

  3. I saw the weather report on (where else?) the Weather Channel. Keep safe! (I stay home when it’s like that… and I LOVE the white stuff that falls from the sky.)

    1. Karen, she’s at her appointment and I’m at work. Schools are open. People are toughing this one out. They seem to have learned from the snowfall earlier this year, the roads didn’t get blocked with cars spun out on the first flakes like they were last time.

    1. People, Jenn, mostly seem to forget that there are times when folk should not drive. I walked to work (only two miles).

  4. Be careful, Quilly!

    We had 2 feet here this month and Oklahoma is totally not prepared for that sort of thing! What a mess!

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