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I’m Supposed to Be Where?!

So I arrived at my optical appointment yesterday about 15 minutes before my appointed time.  I stepped up to the counter and said, “Hi!  I’m here for my eleven o’clock appointment.”  The receptionist promptly welcomed me as Cheryl Jones.  I gave her my correct name.  She looked at her schedule and asked me to repeat my name.  When she asked me to spell my name I knew there was a problem.

I said, “But you called me yesterday to confirm that I would be here!”  The receptionist said, “I didn’t.  You aren’t on my schedule.”  Then she asked me if my appointment was in Burlington, or Bellingham.  I thought my appointment was in Burlington, but I called Bellingham to double-check and sure enough, that’s where I was supposed to be.

Legally, the distance between Burlington and Bellingham is a half hour drive — on a good day, sans traffic, sans snow, sans ice.  I told the nice lady on the phone I wasn’t going to make my appointment.  I braced to hear her say they’d have to charge me for it anyway, but she didn’t! If I had known that I probably wouldn’t have left my island!  Grrr ….

In the meantime I am standing in the optical shop of the Burlington Sears.  I looked at the receptionist and said, “I’ve come a long way in nasty weather.  Do you have an open appointment?”  She looked at her schedule and said, “I don’t, but I am sure we can fit you in.  Do you want to wait?”

Sigh.  I had a novel with me, so yeah, I wanted to wait.  She gave me the new patient paperwork and I took a seat.  She went back to her desk.  Within seconds I heard her call my name.  She said, “Our 11 o’clock appointment just canceled.  If you hurry the doctor will see you now.”

I hurried.  So, that’s how I managed to have an eleven o’clock appointment in Bellingham but have my eyes tested in Burlington.  There’s still a mystery though.  When I made my appointment, supposedly for Bellingham, I was given driving directions to the Cascade Mall in Burlington.  Why?

Whatever — it all worked out.  And, if his behavior was any indication, the doctor had a really good time, too!  But I’ll save that story for tomorrow.


  1. I’m glad it all worked out in the end and you didn’t make the trip “for nothing.”

    Reminds me I need to see if it has been a year since my last eye check. I thought I’d get bifocals then but he thought I’d be ok with readers for a while. But it’s annoying and straining to put them on for reading and stitching and pull them off to see everything else — especially when cooking.

  2. Chapters! When a story can be published in chapters, I so look forward to reading more. Waiting for “the rest of the story.”

  3. .
    I am thinking it was Cheryl Jones who really did have this appointment in Burlington and they mistakenly, and how or why we may never know, called your number instead of hers. Since Cheryl missed her call she woke up too late to make the appointment that was written on her calendar. She called in and Viola, there was a cancellation for you!

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