Giving New Meaning to “To Go”

Since this is supposed to be a humor blog, I thought I should start looking for some humor — and Red Robin Restaurant in Burlington, Washington obliged:

I was contemplating taking them up on the Whiskey River Barbecue thing when Amoeba called my attention to this sign:

He wouldn’t let me park in either spot!

We did eat at the Red Robin though. It was Amoeba’s first time there. He had a chili burger. I had the Blue Cheese Burger. Both were excellent.

Bytheway, this was not a paid post.

I’m Supposed to Be Where?!

So I arrived at my optical appointment yesterday about 15 minutes before my appointed time.  I stepped up to the counter and said, “Hi!  I’m here for my eleven o’clock appointment.”  The receptionist promptly welcomed me as Cheryl Jones.  I gave her my correct name.  She looked at her schedule and asked me to repeat my name.  When she asked me to spell my name I knew there was a problem.

I said, “But you called me yesterday to confirm that I would be here!”  The receptionist said, “I didn’t.  You aren’t on my schedule.”  Then she asked me if my appointment was in Burlington, or Bellingham.  I thought my appointment was in Burlington, but I called Bellingham to double-check and sure enough, that’s where I was supposed to be.

Legally, the distance between Burlington and Bellingham is a half hour drive — on a good day, sans traffic, sans snow, sans ice.  I told the nice lady on the phone I wasn’t going to make my appointment.  I braced to hear her say they’d have to charge me for it anyway, but she didn’t! If I had known that I probably wouldn’t have left my island!  Grrr ….

In the meantime I am standing in the optical shop of the Burlington Sears.  I looked at the receptionist and said, “I’ve come a long way in nasty weather.  Do you have an open appointment?”  She looked at her schedule and said, “I don’t, but I am sure we can fit you in.  Do you want to wait?”

Sigh.  I had a novel with me, so yeah, I wanted to wait.  She gave me the new patient paperwork and I took a seat.  She went back to her desk.  Within seconds I heard her call my name.  She said, “Our 11 o’clock appointment just canceled.  If you hurry the doctor will see you now.”

I hurried.  So, that’s how I managed to have an eleven o’clock appointment in Bellingham but have my eyes tested in Burlington.  There’s still a mystery though.  When I made my appointment, supposedly for Bellingham, I was given driving directions to the Cascade Mall in Burlington.  Why?

Whatever — it all worked out.  And, if his behavior was any indication, the doctor had a really good time, too!  But I’ll save that story for tomorrow.