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Violet Russell

She: “Someone’s at the door. Would you answer it?”

He: “I suppose, but I don’t know what good it will do. The door doesn’t talk back.”

She: “Neither should you! Who is the person behind the door?”

He: “Name’s Violet Russell. Vi for short. Says she has a package for you.”

She: “I’m not expecting any packages. And I don’t know anyone named Violet. Or Russell. She’s not related to this Carney friend of yours?”

He: “No. And he wasn’t my friend.

She: “Oh. Yeah. He’d gone to the dogs, hadn’t he? Well, tell her ‘thanks but no thanks.’

He: “OK, I wi … Hey! Where’d she go? She was right here a second ago.”

She: “Hmph. Guess we didn’t need her package anywa .. wa .. wa … WAAAA–CHOOO!!

He: “Gesundheit!”

She: “Too la’ ….”

*     *     *     *     *     

Let’s just say that Quilly’s less happy today than she was yesterday, and yesterday earned an ugh. This too shall pass, but meanwhile … Spare a thought for all those who’ve gotten visits from Ms. Russell this cold ‘n’ flu season.


  1. We’ve had the go around at least twice each this year.
    I HATE that!
    Tissues and sympathy, my dear.

  2. Amoeba — I see that you’ve just admitted you’re the one who brought Vi Russell into the house. From now on you need to vet your friends more carefully.

  3. Doug — every time I pause to assess how I am feeling I come to the conclusion that I am not getting better. I am getting worse. My throat seriously hurts today. Previous to this it has only been a bit scratchy. Of course, I am also ravenous. Previous to this I haven’t cared much about food. I don’t know if that means I’m getting better or just sadistic.

  4. I could not figure this one out until I got to the comments and saw it as Vi Russel.. Gee I am slipping.

    So sorry you are having such a hard time. Feel better soon.

  5. .
    Quilly, you have Amoeba trained too well for his own good. 🙂 I always look out to see who’s there. If I don’t know the person or don’t want to greet her, I holler back, “It’s for you!”

    The same with the telephone, eight time out of ten it will be for Mrs. Jim. So unless she’s busy cooking or doing something else for me I have her answer it.

    As for VI Russell I drew a blank. Most of the Googled ones have a colen after VI (like VI:).
    I probably would help out with the package. If neither of us knew what you guys don’t know it probably is for one of the neighbors so I would send her over there.

    1. .
      I don’t know Violet Russell either. My guess is that she is a Huckabee but I don’t watch them. 🙂

  6. This Vi sounds like she really has a hold of Quilly. I’m thinking of her and wishing her well thoughts and a speedy recovery!!!!!!

  7. Hope you feel better soon. We are bogged down with the smog here and I seem to have inherited your allergies with it. Ahh well-so nice to know you left me with something. Eat lots of chicken soup and rest. Good to see the sense of humor though.

  8. Ok, finally it clicked! You guys must really need to think before you say something… LOL!
    Hope you feel better soon! Take it easy.

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