Is This Monday?

Can’t be.  I haven’t had any sleep so it must be Sunday.

For those who don’t know, Amoeba has been in Hawaii for the past several days.  He arrived home at 5:20 this morning and called me to pick him up.  As is customary, I didn’t get to bed until after midnight.  As isn’t customary, I couldn’t sleep.  The last time I looked at my clock it was 2 a.m.  I was soundly asleep when the phone rang at 5:10 a.m. and Amoeba told me the ferry was docking.  Do the math.  I haven’t had enough sleep.

Don’t feel sorry for me though.  Amoeba has spent the last 5 days working in a different time zone, and having to wear long jeans in Hawaii (work regulations) when he is used to PNW weather conditions.  PLUS, he endured a cramped plane ride, a long bus ride, and a 4 hour wait at the ferry terminal — which was locked for a good part of the time leaving him standing outside in the rain — and he finally arrived home about 5:45 a.m. looking like something the cat would be too embarrassed to drag in, just in time to shower and head for the labs because he is teaching today.

I am off to deliver Avon, looking sadly like an Avon Lady the cat drug in — through the mouse hole.

Argh! Monday!

Here it is Monday and folks are wondering about PM.  I posted that great big long to-do list and I have only gotten half way through it.   I am busy.  I forgot Punny Monday — again.  To those of you who have sent notes of concern — thank you, we are both fine, just busy.  Today is the first day of Spring classes and Amoeba is teaching.  We have been distracted.

To the person who sent the less-than-concerned note:  I am sorry you find me lacking as a blogger, however to my way of thinking in order for there to be a virtual part of my life, I have to take care of the reality part.  If you are not happy with the posts on my blog, feel free to pass by without stopping.

Thanks, folks.  I’ll be back as soon as I can.

I’m Running as Fast as I Can!

  1. Still working on my freelance typing job.
  2. Trying to get the church newsletter out.
  3. Planning a luncheon.
  4. Just signed up to run an Avon booth at a flea market event.
  5. Trying to get my yard work done.
  6. Spent hours working on a job app for a business actively soliciting apps even though — I discovered too late — they have enacted a hiring freeze and are preparing to lay workers off!
  7. My perfectly clean kitchen keeps filling with dirty dishes!  How can that be?  We weren’t even home yesterday!  We ate all three meals out.
  8. Have ad copy to write for the church rummage sale.
  9. And over 200 unread blog posts on my feed reader.  I won’t be getting to them all!


She said, “Honey, if I were to burn your toasted cheese sandwich on one side, could I even it out by not toasting the other side at all?”

He said, “Well, I suppose you could, but that wouldn’t be my optimal solution.”

She said, “Oh.  Darn.”


He and She are away again.  They should return to the land of internet tomorrow evening.  She hopes to see you all on Saturday.  You may have noticed my blog was missing for awhile, too.  Dream Host isn’t quite as dreamy as they used to be.  In fact, this month they’ve come close to producing nightmares.

Where Has Quilly Been?

Quilly has been Spring cleaning.  Her house is lovely again.  She still needs to muck out the laundry room, the garage and her office.  That might take longer than Spring, especially since good weather will find her working on her yard/garden instead of her house.

My house is so clean and shiny that the other day when the landlord stopped in he stepped over the threshold and froze.  Slowly he looked the living room over, then he exclaimed, “Do you folks actually live here?”  Then he took his shoes off and made his way to the kitchen to check out my dead microwave.  I had just finished mopping after having washed the cupboards and the counters and polishing the stainless steel appliances.  When he got to the kitchen he stopped again.  The place looked like it was ready for a Beautiful Homes photo shoot.  The landlord turned around and looked at me and said, “You must be anal.”  I actually think he was relieved to see the garage a mess!

Quilly has been typing.  I have been given 12 typing jobs.  Since I am getting paid they must be done.   They are big jobs so I will do one a day (except Sundays and tomorrow)  until they are done.

And now — where is Quilly going?  Amoeba has to get his stitches out so we will be away tomorrow.  If I don’t answer Punny Monday until late evening, don’t panic!