Party Animals

We went to yet another party tonight.  Actually, it was an extension of the party we went to last night.  The neighbor guy (our landlord) came yelled at us over the fence that there was still a ton of food left and we really needed to come back and help them finish it.

It got late last night and the birthday girl, Kaila, fell asleep on her cake and never got around to opening her presents.  Tonight was left-overs and presents.  Kaila still didn’t want to open her gifts.  Much to her great grand-mother’s distress, the birthday girl (just one-year-old) was more interested in picking someone’s spilled ice cubes out of the grass and putting them in her mouth.

As the party came to an end and Amoeba and I took our leave, the Neighbor walked us to the gate.  He said the thank you for coming stuff and we said the thank you for having us stuff, then we turned to our own gate.  Neighbor grinned at us and said the same thing he said to everyone else, “Drive safe now, you hear?”  Amoeba assured him we’d try not to crash our sandals on the way home.

I hope our new neighbors will be fun.


This is the back of our new house. You will note that there are two decks. An open deck off the living room and a covered deck off the dining room. Even if it is raining, I can sit outside. Since it is likely to rain often in the area, I am anticipating frequent episodes of enjoying the view from my covered deck.

When I heard the stove was a JennAir, I immediately began dreaming of built in gas grills . Then the landlady (you can see her in the pic) said the stove was electric, but the covered patio has a propane feed for a gas grill. You know I have one of those on my wishlist now.

In the meantime, that little path you see at the end of the steps leads to here. A propane fire pit. I am thinking that it will make a great place for a marshmallow roast. But probably not until at least spring. Still, I’m dreaming ….

It is almost time. I bought two new suitcases today. The one I took this summer didn’t survive the trip. It wasn’t very old, but I stored it for 3 years in a metal shed sans air conditioning and that must have weakened the plastics. At any rate, until we finally hit Friday Harbor I will continue to post and I’ll visit when I can, but you might be seeing less of me as things crank into action.

The One Day Way, by Chantel Hobbs

200+ pounds lost

Chantel Hobbs weighed over 300 pounds.  She began her struggle with weight, dieting, failing and self-loathing at eleven years old.  Then one day she chucked dieting.  She stopped making excuses and began her journey to thin.  In the One-Day Way, Chantel shares her success story, the successes of some of her friends, and the necessary strategies anyone can use to become healthy and fit.

This book impressed me more than I can say.  As you read on, understand that I am committing myself to The One-Day Way.  I have already begun.  Won’t you join me?

Chantel presents The One-Day Way in four parts.  In the first part, she teaches us to level the way we measure success.  In order to take charge of our bodies, we need to first take charge of our minds.  No more excuses.

Because changing your life is difficult and thinking differently about your life is a challenge, you will be tempted to give up.  You’ll start thinking that nothing has really changed, and you’ll wonder why you’re trying to kid yourself.  It will be much easier just to go back to your old habits. That is why you need to understand how your thinking always controls your actions.  Both negative and positive thoughts have the ability to dictate your actions at any given moment.  What gives you the upper hand is that you have a choice: will you make sure that positive thoughts control your mind, or will you give in to negative thoughts? The ability to choose your thoughts and actions gives you tremendous power.  You can decide which thoughts will rule your actions, and those decision will dictate whether you succeed or repeat a past failure.

In part two, Chantal explains how to lay your own personal foundation for success.  First you decide what it is you want to build on the foundation.  Knowing what you plan to build, provides you with a blue print you build your success upon — one meal at a time, one day at a time.  Chantel puts forth a better way to look at our failures — we will have them, but failing to met a goal, and quitting are two different things. Shake the failure off, reassess and move on.  Chantel also discusses acknowledging and celebrating our successes, without allowing them to set us up for later failures.

In part three, Chantel leads us to the realization of inner resources many of us may never have known to tap.  Even as she motivates us to build our dream, she doesn’t pull her punches.  The weight will not come off as easily as it went on, but with persistence it will come off — and you will begin to feel better about who you are.   This is the section where most life change gurus try to sell you all of their specialized workout equipment.  Not Chantel.  She does tell us what equipment we need, but she doesn’t name brands, websites or points of purchase.

In part four, Chantel outlines the  necessary steps to maintaining our weight — but she is no longer talking about struggle, because by the time we reach level four, living healthy will have become a habit.  Chantel asks us to sign a covenant with ourselves to commit to the change.  She also asks us to bring our own personal faith into the mix.  Trying our success to our faith provides us with a sure source of strength most of us overlook.

I would like to offer my thanks to the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for providing me with a free copy of this book for my review.  I fully plan to allow what I have gained from reading this book to influence the rest of my life.

On Demand


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.

Because of our move, I have been researching cable companies. I got all excited because I know Charter cable is in Washington State. I have posted about the great Charter features and a couple of great Charter contests. I want to be a Charter customer!

Charter has On Demand. That means Charter customers have over 6,000 movies and shows to watch anytime. No waiting. No schedules. No missed opportunities! The idea of being able to watch TV on my schedule and not that of the programming schedule really appeals to me. And with Charter, On Demand is part of their basic package — that means you can access it as you please without accruing any extra charges.

Just think, no more ordering DVDs and having to wait for the mail to arrive. With a 6000 movie library at your fingertips chances are what you’d order is already there and waiting for you. Pop the popcorn, pour yourself a soda, snuggle up on the couch and enjoy. Sound tantilizing? You can learn more at

You can also get updates and fun extras on Charter’s Facebook page. Remember to keep your eye on Charter. Not only do they provide great cable services, they offer exciting ground breaking contests as well. Charter is cable the way you want it to be!

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In the tradition of You Can Be a Star and American Idol, artists create music videos and upload them to OurStage. That’s where things get different. OurStage isn’t a popularity contest. The songs come up randomly. You judge who you’re given, not just the people you came online looking for.

Joining OurStage is totally free for both the voters and the artists. Plus, artists can enter to win an assortment of great prizes — they can also bring their sound to the attention of music industry professionals. This months top prize is $5000.00 cash! There are great prizes available for the judges, too! this month you could earn a $1000.00 Target shopping spree just by casting a few votes.

And hey, even if you don’t want to vote, pop on over and check out OurStage anyway. Pick your favorite category, Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, or Country and just listen. I have been plugged in for 15 minutes now and I have heard some great new stuff!

Looking to Change Your Online Image?

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2010 — The Year For All-Inclusive Holidays

I think the hardest things to plan for on holiday travels are the extras. One never knows how much meals are going to cost, or what extra tour packages there are to add on and how much they might cost. I think the easiest and best way (and quickly becoming the most popular way) to avoid such pitfalls is to book and all-inclusive package.

When it comes to your holidays holidays 2010, cut most of the stress over how much ready cash you’ll need by ordering your entire trip — motel, meals, car, side-jaunts — as a package. Many packages even include snacks and beverages! caters to the UK market. That means most packages will suit the needs of the average UK citizen. If you need different accommodations for meals or travel, discuss the possibilities with your agent before booking. Popular destinations include Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia. Don’t wait until the last minute. Book your holiday early to secure your dream trip before they’re sold out — especially if you are planning in going in January, July or August. are 2010 affiliate agents for all inclusive holidays by Thomson, Airtours, My Travel, Going Places, Direct Holidays, Cosmos, Manos and many more. If you have a dream vacation in mind, build it at and save.

L Johnverrell’s REIN: The Rejuvenator

If you’re an urban fantasy fan, the premise of this film will peak your curiosity.  The story line intrigued me.  The fact that the same two men have been battling for centuries put me in mind of the Highlander Series, which I loved.

The premise of the movie is based on the belief in Reincarnation. It tells the story of Rein, the very first rejuvenator. With the help of his two best friends, Rein has been helping souls rejuvenate for over 2000 years. He is tired and ready to pass-on the mantel of rejuvenator. His successor is chosen from the year 1975. Unfortunately, the second Rein is not as easy to train as Rein One thought he would be. Complicating the plot is, Spade, the man who created Rein One by murdering him in the first place, and the lovely Karma, the goddess of reincarnation, who apparently has the hots for Rein Two.

Rein One is considering not rejuvenating Spade this time around, whether he’s a believer or not. And, because Karma’s sexual interest in Rein Two is forbidden, the others are suspicious of Karma’s motives for choosing the man and don’t trust him. Rein Two is aware that the team isn’t wholly in support of him, and that makes him suspicious of them.

All of that provides a wonderful breeding ground for drama, deceptions and tangled intrigues. I couldn’t wait to see Rein: The Rejuvenator.

REIN: The Rejuvenator View Trailer

Unfortunately, a great premise doesn’t necessarily make a great movie. I liked the idea. The cinematography seems fair, but the dialog is wooden and the acting is worse. If this movie premise makes it to Hollywood, gets a real budget and some actors with talent, I’ll put my money down to see it in a flash. As it stands now, not so much.

Luxury Theater Seating At Home

I have found the perfect couch for the family room. This might just get me to sit in front of the TV and stay. And, not only is it perfect for TV watching,  it looks plenty cozy enough for reading and just relaxing.  I bet it would make great party seating, too.

This is luxury Home Theater Seating. Either end of this sectional boasts a recliner. The middle two seats utilize the hassock as a foot rest. The hassock has a built in storage compartment for keeping comfy blankets close at hand, while the consoles each have smaller storage compartments and built-in cup holders — all of the comforts of luxury movie theater seating without the stickiness, nose and other discomforts of the public theater.