Dude & Dude: Prints

This just in from Amoeba’s desk. If he won’t post his stuff anymore, I guess I will!

Dude & Dude: Prints

“Dude! What’ya got there?”

“Oh, just a little somethin’ …”

“Did you get a present? Show.”

“I don’t know, dude … Hey!!!

“Ah, what’re you worried about? Fancy case … Fingerprints, dude?!?”

“Um, yeah.”



“Figures. The police would have those. Whose, then?”


“Gandhi? The Gandhi? The Mr. Symbol-of-Nonviolence himself? Where the hell did you get those?

“The less you know, dude …”

“Well, then, why?

“It’s the holidays, dude!”

“And what does that have to do with you getting Gandhi’s ten fingers on a five-finger discount?”

“But, dude! I thought everybody was looking for the prints of peace …?”