One More Time!

AC has published yet another of my recipes.  This one is a pumkinilicious bit of finger food just in time for Fall and all the seasonal calls for pumpkin recipes.

Amoeba is just so-so about pumpkin and wasn’t keen on my trying this recipe — until he tasted it.  In fact, I made the dish for a potluck that we ended up not attending.  I said something about it being way too much dessert for just the two of us, and Amoeba said he’d take it into the office and let the lab crew devour it.  Then he took a bite.  The lab crew never saw a single crumb of this.  After he tasted it, Amoeba was no longer open to sharing.  In fact, I’m lucky I got any!

No Trick Pumpkin Treats: Like gourmet Pumpkin Pie, only better — and a finger food, too!