True Love

He came home from work in a good mood and was joking and laughing and teasing Her. Soon He had Her so mixed up she was sputtering and almost speechless. That’s when She said, “You know, you should really be being very nice to me. You should be telling me that I am perfect and wonderful and beautiful and how much you really, really love me.”

He said, “Oh, I should, should I?”

She said, “Yes, you should, or later you will be very sorry.”

“Oh?” He queried, “And why will I be very sorry?”

“Because,” She said. “I made a homemade banana cream pie today and I am seriously thinking about not sharing.”

He blinked his eyes and stared at Her quietly for a few moments, then He said, “I really, really love you!”

“Yeah,” She said. “I thought you might.”