Spring Fever

This post is by Randy Blythe, today’s guest blogger.

Ah, Spring, when a young man’s fancy turns to… no, not love, but baseball! My dad raised me to be a die-hard St. Louis Cardinals fan, and now it runs through my veins. Every April, on Opening Day, I make sure my schedule is cleared so I can sport my authentic Pujols jersey and catch the game with my friends. I live in Colorado now, so I signed up for Direct TV Denver to watch all the games. The ceremonial First Pitch kicks off an exciting new season, filled with action-packed baseball, hope for post-season success, and delicious Busch Stadium hotdogs. Thousands of seats are filled with fans proudly wearing red or white in support of the Cardinals, and the camaraderie makes us all feel like family. When the players take their positions on the field, the crowd cheers wildly, unable to contain it’s excitement for the start of the new season. Seeing my favorite athletes making the playing so naturally is inspiring and fulfilling. Baseball is an All-American game with a rich history. It is an infatuation that will never be remedied- and this Spring Fever is only the beginning to an entire season of nights at the ballpark.

Dude and Dude: Out

“Hey dude!”


“Says here that Quilly’s lookin’ for a date for a date night.”

“Not gonna happen, dude.”

“Not? Why not?”

“Because palm trees don’t grow in the Pacific Northwest, dude. If she wanted a date, she shouldn’t ‘a left Hawaii.”

“Very funny, dude. What about if I want one?”

“With your face? The only way you’re gettin’ a date is at the store, ’cause if the tree got a look at you, it’d shrivel up and die.”

“I’ll just have to hide behind your belly, dude. But hey, there’s two of us. Surely, with our natural advantages, we can find ourselves a couple of chicks who dig baseball.”

“Baseball? I know the season’s just started but …”

“They’d never be able to resist a date night doubleheader.”



Strike three!



“Isn’t that what we’re tryin’ to do here, dude? Get out?