Amoeba’s Don’t Brag

Amoeba loves attention, but unlike me he isn’t a publicity hound, so I am doing his bragging for him.  He works in bio-fuel research.  His team made the New York Times.

Here is an article on Hawaii’s alternative energy projects in general:

Hawaii Tries Green Tools in Remaking Power Grids

And below is a slide show with photos from the various projects. Amoeba’s team is featured in photos 9 & 10 (photos 8 & 11 are related to the project as well). (Sorry, the NYT doesn’t provide embed codes.)

Alternative Energy, Hawaii

Btw, UH just suffered a $98 million dollar budget cut. More info on that can be found on Amoeba’s blog.

You Heard It Here First!

It is brand new and cutting edge and you heard it here first!  There is a new book club on the world wide web and it is out to make a difference in your life and everyone else’s.  The first thing that caught my attention was the tips page on where to buy and sell (and trade) books online to get the most book for your dollars.

Be the Change Bookclub is a little bookclub with a great big social conscience. I watched an absolutely fascinating video, Small is Possible: Life in a Local Economy.  When the video first started the guy was slamming bio-fuels and I was all set to turn his little tirade off, when I realized that he was saying many of the same things my Amoeba has said — and those things this guy, Lyle Estill, had to say are the reasons Amoeba isn’t researching food -based bio-fuels. As I continued to listen I realized that Lyle Estill isn’t stopping at just naming some of the current problems facing bio-fuels research, he’s also putting forth some solutions and he’s asking others to join him in helping those solutions make a difference.

If  “being green” is something that concerns you and you’re looking for ways to be even more environmentally aware, then this is definitely one site you want to check out!  See you there!