The Christmas Gift Exchange

Today was the office Christmas party.  It was held at a restaurant one can only get into with reservations made light-years in advance.  We were served a lovely buffet and I ate way too much.   I had chicken, turkey, pork, shrimp, ahi (fresh tuna) and squid.  I tasted several different salads, had a bit of rice with curry sauce (more shrimp), and tasted 4 different desserts — well, truthfully, I more than tasted the flan.  I ate every bite and considered licking the last of the caramel sauce from the bottom of the dish.  (I did manage to restrain myself.)

After the eating came the service awards.  After the service awards came the door prizes — none of which I won.  BUT, after the door prizes a basket came out.  It was filled with envelopes and everybody not called for a door prize was to take one.  Irene, one of my co-workers, couldn’t decide which of all the identical envelopes she wanted.  She kept picking envelopes up and trying to figure out what was inside by rubbing them and holding them up to the light.

I just reached out and took an envelope, than started to walk away.  “Wait!”  Irene called.  “What did you get?”   I looked back at her and shrugged, showing her that I hadn’t opened the envelope.  “Open it, please,” she said.  “I want to know what they’re giving away.”

I opened the envelope and extracted a Starbucks Gift Card.  At the same time, Joe, another co-worker opened a Block Buster Video gift card.  Irene looked at the Block Buster Card and then she looked at my Starbuck’s card.  She reached in the basket and grabbed an envelope.  I started to walk away.  “Wait!” she called.  “I’m going to open this envelope and then if I don’t like what’s inside, we can trade.”

Halfway through the door, I stopped and turned back to look at her.  “You forgot to take into consideration that I am happy with my gift and I don’t want to trade.”

“Ugh!”  She said and put the envelope she’d been holding back into the basket.

The last thing I heard as I walked away was her muttered, “Don’t tempt me,” after Joe dryily asked her why she didn’t just open all the envelopes then take the one she liked the most.